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Tucson: Whiskey Bards performing on U of A Campus

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My Lords, Ladies and Gentlefolk!!! Pray Attend!!!

From distant lands, a few of Tucson's Favorite Sons are coming HOME, FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!!

The Whiskey Bards will be at the University of Arizona on the Evening of December 4th for a Glorious Renaissance Style Concert Event.

They are a Four Part Harmony, A Capella group that Specialize in Ballads, Filk and the Occasional Pirate Song. They have appeared at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and are 'regulars" at the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival.

Thrill to their Onstage Antics! Sing along with your favorite tunes! Dance a jig in the aisles. It's all good with us!

Don't know who the Whiskey Bards Are? Listen to their music at

December 4th, 7-10pm. Social Sciences Building, Room 100. (Due South of "Old Main".) (Kid friendly from 7-8pm, little Bawdier as the evening progresses.)

Tickets are $10 at the door.

½ Off Admission with a Valid U of A ID!!!

Proceeds go to the coffers of the College of St. Felix, The U of A Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism (Those funny dressing people who hold a Ren Faire down by the Main Library at the beginning of the Fall Semester Each Year. Yes, we are an Official U of A Club.)

For More Information call 520-664-4699.

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