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The Rogue Theatre announces its 2013-2014 season

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Subject: Discover the 2013-2014 Season at The Rogue Theatre

The Rogue Theatre

300 East University Boulevard, Tucson, AZ - 520-551-2053 -


OUR 2013-2014 SEASON

Great literature.

Challenging ideas.

Intimate setting.

Mistake of the Goddess


by Girish Karnad

September 12-29, 2013

Through jealousy and devotion, two friends, in love with the same woman, behead themselves in a temple. They are restored by the goddess Kali, but with transposed heads. So which is the husband?


by William Shakespeare November 7-24, 2013

A complex and moving drama about public and private morality in which a nun pleads for her brother's release from prison and unleashes the lust of the judge Angelo.


by Tom Stoppard January 9-26, 2014

Elegant and funny, this Stoppard-clever work spans two eras, two hundred years apart, centering on affairs of the heart, mind, and cosmos.


by Harold Pinter

February 27-March 16, 2014

A unique reversal of the timeline heightens the poignancy of a love affair. Three deeply sympathetic characters meet in a collision of passion against marital fidelity.

Dante's Purgatorio

by Patrick Baliani

April 24-May 11, 2014

A poetic reimagining of this seminal work of western literature of the journey through the seven levels of sin, guided by the poet Virgil.

Great plays await!

Season ticket packages are now on sale

Season ticket advantages:
Don't miss a single production
Preferred, reserved seating
One easy purchase
Discounted ticket pricing


Our $32 gift to you as an early subscriber:

Purchase season tickets by May 12, 2013 and receive

one free ticket per package for any show of your choice.

See the Tickets page for detailed schedule
and ticket purchase options



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By Chuck Graham,

Today we know how the soundtrack of the civil rights movement became rock ’n’ roll. At least it was for those on the white side of the culture wars 60 years ago, the ones who were driven by their willingness to integrate.

Back in the racist southland of 1952 -- a time portrayed in the nonstop energy of “Memphis” playing through March 3 at the downtown Music Hall -- Elvis was still an unknown truck driver and no white person of consequence thought “race music” amounted to anything.
That is the message strongly declared throughout this Broadway in Tucson presentation filled with many wowzer moments from a cast of talents that runs deeper than any previous Broadway In Tucson production…ever.

Full-out singing by everyone is more than matched by a hallelujah chorus line of dancers turning Sergio Trujillo’s choreography into a joyful expression of unbridled happiness. Music is setting these people free (both white and black), giving them a taste of the new life that’s coming.
Let it be known, these are not nuanced performers who value subtlety.
Neither is “Memphis” interested in giving August Wilson’s plays any competition in the world of serious theater.

To which we say, “Who cares?” Make that: to which we shout “WHO CARES?”
“Memphis” vibrates with positive energy. All that singing. All that dancing. Just give in to the performers’ continuous urging to clap, shout and have a great time.
Don’t forget, this show did receive the 2010 Tony, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle awards for Best Musical.

Broadway vet Joe DiPietro did the book and co-wrote the lyrics. David Bryan, the original keyboard guy in Bon Jovi, did the rest of the lyrics and give his rock ‘n’ roll heart to the richly flavored music combining traditional gospel, blues and rock punched up with an R&B horn section.
The entire score is new, but cleverly recalls the tone of roots rock that preceded Sun Studios’ pioneering artists recording in Memphis. Even the nine-member stage band was feeding off of the energy from these crazy kids who believed in this primal music.

Certainly it should be noted that Lindsay Roberts, who stepped in for Felicia Boswell in the lead role of Felicia, was an absolute knock-out. The word understudy should never used next to Lindsay Roberts’ name.
She grabbed her role by the scruff of its neck, slung it around over her head and hurled it out into the audience.

Boswell will be returning to her lead spot, however.

The story line, if you insist, begins with the restless youngster Huey (Bryan Fenkart), believing white people would love black music if they just heard it on the radio.

That idea is just too far-fetched for even the black people to believe, but Huey is a persistent lad with a hoky country accent. Once he hears Felicia sing in a black nightclub, Huey is on his crusade to get her records played on the air.

By the third song you won’t be thinking that everybody knows exactly what will happen next. You’ll just want more of that exuberant “Memphis” singin’ and dancin’.

“Memphis” continues through March 3 at the Music Hall, 260 S. Church Ave., with performances at 7:30 p.m.Wednesday and Thursday, Feb. 27-28; 8 p.m. Friday, March 1; 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. Saturday; 1 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Sunday.

Tickets are $29-$69. For details and reservations,

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Borderlands Theater presents Bruja! by Luis Alfaro


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Subject: Borderlands Theater presents Bruja! by Luis Alfaro


Borderlands Theater 2012-2013 




A New Play by McArthur Foundation Fellow

Luis Alfaro


Directed by

Eva Zorrilla Tessler  


From the critically acclaimed writer of Oedipus el Rey and Electricidad, comes a contemporary Chicano er-imagining of Euripides' Medea.  This haunting and   

sensual story brings powerful tides of indigenous magic to conjure the wrath of   

a woman scorned


MARCH 28 - APRIL 14, 2013


(Temple of Music and Art)



 March 28 * 7:30pm - Preview: HALF PRICE TICKETS!

$12 General & Senior, $6 Student



with postres, plus meet/greet the

performers, writer and director

$24 General & Senior, $12 Student


March 30 * 7:30pm - National New Play Network!

Championing 15 years of new plays with panelists:  

Luis Alfaro (playwright) and Mike Lippman  

(UA Department of Classics)

$24 General & Senior, $12 Student


additional panel dates and information:


April 4   * 7:30pm - MEDEA ANTI-DATE NIGHT!

2 for 1 tickets - (Discount taken off lesser priced ticket)

$19.75 General, $17.75 Senior, $12 Student


April 5, 6, 10, 11, 13 * 7:30pm -  


$19.75 General, $17.75 Senior, $12 Student


April 7, 13, 14 * 2pm - MATINEES

$19.75 General, $17.75 Senior, $12 Student


April 4 & 11 * 10am - STUDENT MATINEES

$7 General, $6 Student  

Student matinees subject to change, please call
Alida Wilson-Gunn 520-882-8607 or for more information




RESERVATIONS:  (520) 882-7406  






2012-13 Season


Chicas Desenfrenadas

y Vatos Perdidos/

Unstoppable Chicas and Lost Vatos



Tlaltecuhtli, the ancient Aztec Earth Goddess of birth and death, both

kind and terrifying, blesses our 27th season. In our three plays, two young women and one young man

respond to the wispers of voices from the past, and with others struggle to overcome their own demons by converting these whispers into

shouts and song.





Call the BOX Office: (520) 882-7406


Student Matinees: Alida Wilson-Gunn, (Office) 520-882-8607   




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Casting Call, "The System Is Broken" (Paid, Feature Film, SAG ULB)



Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 4:46 PM
Subject: Call For Actors, The System Is Broken (Paid, Feature Film, SAG ULB)


Independent feature film production planning to shoot film in Tucson, AZ in May 2013. 



Auditions in Tucson on March 8th and 9th.



=========== Call For Actors, The System Is Broken, Paid (Feature Film/SAG ULB) ===========


Production Title: The System Is Broken

Production Company: The System Is Broken – The Movie

Playwright or Screenwriter: Ignatius Lin

Director: Ignatius Lin


Compensation: SAG – Contract Pending/Non-Union




The System Is Broken is a fictional political drama about how grassroots volunteers advocate voting rights for under-represented people in a Presidential Campaign. See our concept trailer or visit for more details about this project.



Film/Video: Feature Length

Talent Type: Adult (No Nudity)



Character Breakdown

Pete (Male, Lead)

22-25 Caucasian. Pete is an idealistic college grad, who is unyielding in his pursue of social justice. His fiery impatience towards injustice pushes him to volunteer in Florida after hearing about election irregularity from the last Presidential election. Pete soon becomes the key member of the Latino Office and falls in love with the headstrong Natalia. Stage combat experience preferred but not required. Actors auditioning as Pete please come WITHOUT facial hair if possible

Actor Type: Garrette Hedlund, Matt Bush, Robert Pattinson


Natalia (Female, Lead)

22-25 Latino. Energetic and attractive, Natalia is the Assistant Manager of the Latino Office. A truly genuine volunteer, she passionately advocates for her community and dedicates her time to giving them the vote. An emotionally complex character. Pete’s love interest. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.

Actor Type: Gina Rodriguez


Rick (Male, Lead)

30-40 Caucasian. Crafty and ambitious, Rick is the Regional Manager of the Central Florida Presidential campaign. Once a rising star, he has been passed over for promotion several times and worked on a few losing campaigns. Rick possesses a corrupt idealism and will win at all cost in order to get a job in the White House.

Please wear dress shirt to the audition.

Actor Type: Ryan Gosling, Chris Pine, Ben Afflect, Casey Affleck


Diego (Male, Supporting)

50-60 Latino. Boisterous and charismatic, he uses his street smarts to try to do something good and help the Hispanic community realize their right to vote. A Vietnam War veteran, Diego was broken from his experiences in the war. Now, he has finally turned his life around and is the head of the Latino Office. Stage combat experience preferred but not required. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.

Actor Type: Danny Trejo


Lee (Male, Supporting)

40-55 Caucasian. Lee has worked hard for all his life and is fed up with the unfairness and corruption in life and in the government. A moderate conservative, he voted in every past election but now feels his vote makes no difference. Beneath his crusty demeanor is a warm-hearted person looking to believe in something greater again. Stage combat experience preferred but not required.

Actor Type: Alan Arkin


Isabella (Female, Supporting)

33-43 Latina. A working mom, Isabella feels politicians only care about themselves and not people like her. She has given up on democracy and is fed up with politicians telling her, instead of listening to, what she wants. Fluency in Spanish a plus but not a must.



What To Prepare

-Everyone should submit their head shot, resume, and online reel (if available) to by March 3rd. If we’re interested we’ll contact you for the next step.


Next step

-For actors outside of Tucson, we will ask you to do a Skype audition (sometime between the 5th~13th), or much better yet, you can come to our Tucson auditions.

-For Tucson actors, we’ll schedule you for a local audition on March 8th~9th.

Character side(s) will be provided when we contact suitable candidate and set up appointment.


-Actors auditioning for Rick should come wearing a suit or semi-formal attire.

-Tentative Start Shoot Date: May 13th, 2013




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Etcetera presents THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM: Ireland


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Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 3:12 PM
Subject: Etcetera presents THEATRUM ORBIS TERRARUM: Ireland



Etcetera, the late-night arm of Live Theatre Workshop, presents

A Theatre 3 original production:




3 Remaining Original Episodes At Live Theatre Workshop:

Episode 2: Ireland - March 8 & 9 

Episode 3: Japan - April 5 & 6

Episode 4: Tucson - April 26 & 27 

Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 PM


Tickets $12 at the door • Drinks $5 • Special Deal: Ticket + First Drink for $15

 5317 E Speedway Blvd. • 327.4242 for tickets


Beer curated by Rebecca Safford of Tap & Bottle 


Check for details! 

call 347.870.9834 for more information 


Theatrum Orbis Terrarum--the traveling troupe of Iznik, Swerf, and Alulu Ortelius--presents the “Theatre of the World.” This bizarre family uses a blend of music, storytelling, and beer to engage the communities in the cultures they encounter during their endless world tour. 

Traveling the world to gather

The truth in the lies

The music in the noise

And drink the beer.

Join in the communion as they tell traditional tales, share songs, and drink beers from different regions--Ireland, Japan, and Tucson!


Episode 2: Ireland features the music of Claire Zucker!





Mission: Theatre 3 believes in embracing joy and the human experience to create original, imaginative works that serve and engage the community through collaboration and the expansion of the possibilities of performance. 


History: Founded in 2009, Theatre 3 specializes in ensemble-created physical theatre. In the 2012-13 season, this ensemble is focused on creating new work for the Etcetera stage. The artists of Theatre 3 bring a passion for character, love for the physical, and spirit of exploration and discovery to all of their work.


Praise for Theatre 3 ‘s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

“This is really not theater in the traditional sense. Well, actually it is theater in the traditional sense, but not necessarily in the modern sense. Don't come expecting a totally scripted, locked-down play. Yet it is a play. It's an experience, one in which we all participate (and no, you don't have to get up onstage). And it is great fun. [...] So we gather, sipping our brews—as do Swerf, Alulu and Iznik—and we begin our journey, which is casual but purposeful, ordered yet spontaneous, lighthearted but profound. [...] This is going to be a unique, creative, captivating and thoroughly entertaining tour.”

~Sherilyn Forrester, Tucson Weekly



Angela Horchem (Artistic Director, Actor-Creator) - In addition to her work with Theatre 3, Angela is also a mask-maker and teaching artist. She combines a background in team sports with a passion for theatre. Angela earned her M.A. in theatre from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and went on to study physical theatre at Dell'Arte International and performance in Bali, Indonesia. Other credits include roles at The Rogue Theatre, Live Theatre Workshop, the Nebraska Shakespeare Festival, and guest-artist roles with companies across the country, including WONDERHEADS, National Headquarters, The Witching Hour, and Dell'Arte International.


Matt Walley (Associate Artistic Director, Actor-Creator) - In addition to his work with Theatre 3, Matt is a proud member of The Rogue Theatre’s acting ensemble. He teaches acting at The University of Arizona and other venues in the Tucson area. Matt is on the board of the Shakespeare Forum in New York City. He holds an M.F.A. in ensemble-based physical theatre from Dell’Arte International. Matt helped to found ETCETERA in 2004 and was in the inaugural production of DANNY AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA. Since then, he has performed with WONDERHEADS, Mabou Mines, Dell’Arte Company and over 500 stunt shows with the Pinnacle Peak Pistoleros. 


Paul Amiel (Musical Director, Actor-Creator) - is a multi-instrumentalist focusing on Medieval European, Turkish, East Asian, Middle Eastern, and very, very ancient music. Paul has performed on gothic harp, kaval, saz, ney, banjo, shakuhachi, flute, guitar and accordéon for groups such as Musica Sonora, Summer Thunder Chinese Music Ensemble, Muso, Seyyah, Zambuka, The Rogue Theatre (where he served as Music Director for As I Lay Dying, Winter's Tale, Journey to the West, The Night Heron and as a musician on many productions), and Theatre 3



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is each episode different?

A: Yes! Theatrum Orbis Terrarum has a ritual opening & closing that remains the same for each show, but the “meat and potatoes” of the show is the part that changes. There will be new stories and music for each episode!


Q: Are you traveling to Turkey, Ireland, Japan, Tucson?

A: Yes! Well, theatrically of course. Each episode is focused on a specific country (or city), and it’s our goal to “transport” the audience to that country for a little while through the history, stories, music, and beer.


Q: Wait. Beer?

A: Yes! Theatrum Orbis Terrarum has procured a special events license in order to serve beer during the show. In fact, a good section of the show is about beer and the community it brings, and so it will be important for you to have a drink with us so we can toast each other. And it will be beer specific to each location. Rebecca from Tap & Bottle is curating the beverages for us.


Q: What if i don’t drink?

A: Don’t worry. Our beverage servers have a unique non-alcoholic beverage to “wet your whistle.” And it will still play into the theme of the region!


Q: Do i need to show my I.D.?

A: Yes, we will be checking I.D.s and we have security staff in place as well.


Q: What is the show like?

A: It’s going to be a lot of fun. Think storytelling meets music meets ritual meets the pub. Plus each episode will have special features ranging from puppets to masks to special guests artists. And always beer.


Q: How much?

A: Tickets are $12. Beverages are $5. If you buy your first beer with your ticket, you get a special deal of $15 for both. Additional drinks are $5 a piece.


Q: Can i help?

A: Yes! We need ushers for upcoming episodes. And please tell all of your friends about this show!


See you at Theatrum Orbis Terrarum!


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Crew Call, makeup artists for sci-fi action-comedy short "Present Tense." - paid

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Posted: 2013-02-27, 12:39PM MST

Looking for Multiple Makeup Artists for Paid Shoot

Skinny Bones Productions (Bad Time to Sell; BLAMBLAMBLAM, ClickClickClick) is looking for multiple makeup artists for the Kickstarter-funded production of "Present Tense."
The sci-fi action-comedy short will shoot in Tucson, AZ from Friday, April 26th to Sunday, April 28th. 

Pay is dependent on experience and quality of portfolio.
Please send links to samples of previous work.
Please put MAKEUP in subject when responding.

·         it's ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·         Compensation: DOE




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Crew Call, AV load-in load-out - PAID

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Posted: 2013-02-27, 9:09AM MST

AV hands needed for load in setup 3/2 &3/3 (Tucson)

We need AV hands to help us setup on March 2nd and 3rd. Also need help on load out March 5th. Pays $25/hr on site. Each call is a 5 hour mini. Please send a list of qualifications and have experience in this field.

·         Location: Tucson

·         it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·         Compensation: 25/hr




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Casting Call, UA Eller College of Management - paid

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Posted: 2013-02-27, 8:28AM MST

Actors Needed! (University of Arizona)

Actors Needed!

Researchers in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona are looking for qualified actors between the ages of 18-30 to play the role of an experimenter in a laboratory study. Actors will be needed for several lines of dialogue and will be paid $8/hour. Number of hours worked will range between 15-30 total, depending on the availability of the actor.

If interested please contact by March 8, 2013.

·         Location: University of Arizona

·         Compensation: $8/hour

·         This is a part-time job.

·         Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

·         Please, no phone calls about this job!

·         Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.




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Cast and Crew Call for Student Film

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Posted: 2013-02-26, 9:33PM MST

Need Cast and Crew for Student Film (Tucson, AZ)

Or anyone and everyone who wants to work on a film.
Cast and Crew call
for film "Where Am I?" will be held:
- Saturday, March 2nd and Sunday, March 3rd from
-10am to 6pm at
- Gateway at Tucson Apartments
Front office
2800 W Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85745
Please contact Zachary Rhein (Director) by email if you have any questions.

We are looking for actors, grips, cinematographers, lighting, etc.

·         Location: Tucson, AZ

·         Compensation: Will have food on set for cast and crew. Also will receive copy of DVD of film.

·         Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.

·         Please, no phone calls about this job!

·         Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.




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March 2013 Radio/TV Voiceover Seminar at The Studio for Actors


From: The Studio for Actors []
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 3:40 PM
Subject: Announcement: March 2013 Radio/TV Voiceover Seminar at The Studio for Actors


Radio and TV Voiceover Seminar

There is a lot of voice work here in Arizona, and if you're interested in how to get it and how this end of the business works - then this is the seminar for you.  We'll work with scripts and you'll receive a great deal of personal attention.

Choose from one of the following dates:

  • Saturday March 2, 1:00pm-2:30pm
    - OR -
  • Thursday March 7, 6:30pm-8:00pm
    - OR -
  • Saturday March 9, 1:00pm-2:30pm
    - OR -
  • Thursday March 14, 6:30pm-8:00pm
    - OR -
  • Saturday March 16, 1:00pm-2:30pm
    - OR -
  • Thursday March 21, 6:30pm-8:00pm
    - OR -
  • Saturday March 23, 1:00pm-2:30pm
    - OR -
  • Thursday March 28, 6:30pm-8:00pm
    - OR -
  • Saturday March 30, 1:00pm-2:30pm

The cost is $65 per person for the seminar.  Class size is limited to six.  To attend this seminar, you must sign up by calling Anna Risley at (520) 881-2363. 

Also being offered at The Studio for Actors:
Comedy Improv
Audition Technique

Each of these classes is taught by Anna Risley, B.A. at her Studio (The Studio for Actors), located on 6th Street, just off 4th Avenue.  Anna has 30 years of experience in film, television, voiceover, and stage acting.  To check out her resume, please visit The Studio for Actors website , or call her at (520) 881-2363 to sign up.



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