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Troubadour Theatre Online June Classes


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Subject: Troubadour Theatre Online June Classes



Troubadour Theatre is offering online classes in acting, musical theatre dance, music and more through June for ages 7-18.


We know that at this time, many kids are eager to be able to be able to see their friends again, and while we feel it's not safe to do so with our usual in-person summer camps currently, we will have a focus in our online classes on keeping the students connected and socializing with each other, and we will continue to provide them with a place to make friends and create art together, just safely from home!  


Also, if anyone has been financially impacted by COVID-19 and can't afford classes or camps at this time, please know that we still offer scholarships.  We don't want any kids to have to miss out on the summer theatre just because of finances. So just email if you would like to apply for a scholarship, we just have a simple scholarship form to fill out.  


Here's our online class schedule:


Rock, Roll, Repeat! Online Rock Music Class

Ages 11-18, musicians are required to have taken some instrument lesson prior to the class, singers/songwriters are welcome without experience.

June 1-24 Mon & Wed each week, 9-11am on Zoom

Instructors: Alex Greengaard and Jake Walters

Cost: $150

Students will spend their time working together to record music tracks.  Jake will be leading a new singer/songwriter element to the class.  Any of our students interested in musical theatre/singing should consider this class as well!  


Dungeons & Dragons: Online Class

Ages 10-18, no experience with the game required

June 1-24 Mon & Wed each week, TWO SECTIONS to choose from 9am-12pm and 1-4pm on Roll20 (1-4pm is FULL, morning section is still open)

Instructor: Aaron Cheney (if we have a larger enrollment in this class it will split into 2 sections with a second instructor)

Cost: $175

Students will play the classic role playing game, Dungeons & Dragons lead by an expert game master. D&D might not be your typical theatre class, but it teaches storytelling, imagination, improv, and is a lot of fun!


First Spotlight: Online Acting Class

Ages 7-12, no experience required

June 2-25, Tues & Thurs each week, 10-11:15am on Zoom

Instructor: Carrie Silverman

Cost: $100

Students will learn theatre games, acting skills, and prepare a performance to be presented through video chat at the end of the session. 


Antic Arts: Online Comedy Acting Class

Ages 10-18, no experience required

June 2-25, Tues & Thurs each week, 1:00-3:30pm on Zoom

Instructor: Kristen Wheeler

Cost: $175

Students will learn acting skills, improv, and rehearse and perform a comedy play specifically written to be performed through Zoom/video chat.


Musical Theatre Dance: Online Class NEW CLASS!

Ages 9-18, no experience required

June 5-26, Fridays 9:00-10:00am on Zoom

Instructor: Kris Hoffman

Cost: $60

This is a brand new class for us!  Our choreographer, Kris, will be teaching an online musical theatre style dance class.  Students will learn and perform choreography for a song from a musical (Kris will take student/parent requests for what song is chosen).


Requirements for online classes: All classes (except for D&D which is on Roll20) will be taught through video conferencing meetings on Zoom (Zoom is free for students to use).  So students need to have a computer (PC or Mac), tablet, or phone.  It is preferred to use a computer if possible as the desktop version of Zoom has full functions.  Students will also need wifi/internet, a front-facing camera, mic, and speakers/headphones.  


Hope you can join us for our online classes!  Sign up on our website now on the "Summer" tab.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Stay well everyone!  Thank you so much for your support during this time!




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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bennett TheatreLab & Conservatory NOW ENROLLING - LATE SPRING TERM


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Subject: Ad - Late Spring 2020 - all classes 5.30-7.13.20


Bennett TheatreLab & Conservatory “A Place for Growth of Body, Mind & Soul.”

NOW ENROLLING - LATE SPRING TERM – May 30 – July 13, 2020

Philip G. Bennett Founder & Artistic Director

Celebrating 51 years of acting, teaching and directing with the Stanislavsky System, Active Analysis through Physical Actions!

  1. – 520-468-1664
  2. YouTube Video Textbook - Bennett TheatreLab


Callie Hutchison & Oscar De La Rocha featured in Eugene O’Neill’s Desire Under the Elms


Classes on-line and include Private Coaching

Foundational Technique Class Includes: Meets Saturdays 12-3 – 180.00

Based on Stanislavsky System’s Active Analysis through Psychophysical Actions:  Yoga Meditation, Psychophysical Conditioning Exercises: (The Key to Spontaneous Emotions) Voice and Speech, Dramatic Improvisation: Long and Short forms, Audition Coaching; Contemporary & Classical Monologue & Scene Study, and Public Performances.

Advanced Rehearsal/Performance Classes Includes: Mondays 6:30 – 9:30 – 180.00

Active Action Analysis through Psychophysical Actions:  Character Transformation exercises, Theme and psychophysical gesture training, Dual Perspectives Analysis, Neuro-Linguistic based Voice & Speech work, Advanced Movement Exercises, and Participation in One-Act and Full-Length Plays Produced for Public Performances and Presented in Repertory.

Shakespeare Meets Stanislavsky: Sundays 5:30 – 8:30 – 180.00

Based entirely on the Neurolinguistic exercises developed by Royal Shakespeare Company director, Peter Brook and Voice and Speech coach Cicely Berry.  (A series of fun physical exercises that will have you speaking classical language fluently and expressively in a very few classes.  This class also focuses on Classical Greek Drama and Restoration Comedy.  Gives you the cutting edge you need to stand out at auditions!




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Unscrewed Theater: Unscrewed House Party


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Subject: You Deserve a Laugh







Looking for a Laugh?

Join us for an Unscrewed House Party



Focus groups agree it's a good idea.

Times are weird.

Find a laugh (or twelve!) by joining us online at the next Unscrewed House Party!

We've been bringing our improv online so all of our Unscrewed friends & family can join us for some laughter - from the comfort and safety of your very own couches.

Bonus! If your wi-fi permits, this Saturday, you can beat the AZ heat and call in from your swimming pool (or well air-conditioned living room)! Keep your Unscrewed Theater " I Helped Save the Funny" T-shirt handy as a swimsuit cover-up, cool-down towel, or fashionable addition to your stunning outfit. 

New to our house parties? It's easy!

Register here to join us, then set an alarm for 7:30PM this Saturday, May 30. Click the link to join our Zoom event, and you're good to go! Questions? Reach out to us at

Can't join us this Saturday, but still looking for laughter?

Join us Monday @ 6:30 PM for our socially distant improv drop-in! This is truly an all-inclusive (and above all FUN) event. Last week we had attendees from  CA, WA, OR, AZ, and Vancouver BC. Bonus points to whoever attends from the furthest away from our 4500 E Speedway location in Tucson, AZ. Register here and join us!

And while all our Zoom events & drop-ins are free -- if you can help support us with some cash, consider buying a Jim Click raffle ticket! We'll mail the tix directly to you, and you get entered in to win the Grand Prize: a 2020 Ford F-150 Platinum. Even better - every dollar you spend on a ticket you buy from us goes directly to keeping our lights on and our shows ready.


Here's how you can find the funny this week:

Saturday, May 30 @ 7:30 PM
Unscrewed Theater House Party
Register here:

Monday, Jun 1 @ 6:30 PM
Improv Drop In
Register here:

Jim Click Raffle for Tucson
Every ticket you buy from us goes directly to our theater and gives you the chance to win prizes from Jim Click
Raffle tickets here:






Now for some serious business.

Since we all need some smiles in our lives nowadays, all our fun, family-friendly, new online forms of improv are all FREE to whomever wants to participate.

But our revenue stream has come to pretty much a complete halt. And we still have bills coming in. We've tightened out belts to the last notch, but as a 100% volunteer-run nonprofit organization, we already run pretty lean. There's only so much we can cut.

We have a gap to fill — and we need your help. 

Your donation, in any amount, will help. And we mean ANY amount. A monthly donation of $5 gets us that much closer to breaking even. 

Now, we know that some of you are in financial straits of your own. And to you, we say use our free content to help you laugh when that's the last thing you feel like doing. We're happy to brighten your day in any way we can.

But if you do have any spare cash, just press the button below and help keep the funny flowing. We thank you.






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Tucson Improv Movement Digital Edition Shows and Classes


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Subject: The Yes And News 5/28/20



How have you been feeling during the pandemic?  There are days I feel great there are days I feel frustrated.  There are days I feel great about TIM, there are days I am not sure how we move forward.      I hope to be back in the theater as quickly as possible, but I don't want to move too fast, and let science guide the way.  I want to see what this opening up brings us, and look at how other businesses keep people safe before we run out the door trying to do comedy again.

I've been keeping myself busy, trying to find and do things I maybe wouldn't make time for otherwise.  I hope when we can get back to doing comedy I can bring some new perspective with me.  In our stand up 101 class a student shared this comedian Julio Torres and his shapes bit. It is hilarious, and recommend everyone go and give it a watch.  It's such a different brand of comedy than I would do and has really got me thinking about how to expand my horizons.

I just finished reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes the newest Hunger Games novel.  It's a prequel to all of the Katniss Everdeen love triangle stuff, and focuses on Cornelius Snow the main villain from the original story.  It was dark and twisty and definitely a page turner.  It's always a challenge to make a future villain someone you root for and care about.  I have always been really into how things work, tradition, and how things come to be.  That might be one of my favorite things about TIM its cyclical nature, our traditions and origin story.  It was interesting to get a glimpse into the beginnings of the Hunger Games, and that fascinated me, how we saw the glitzy version in the first novels, and we got a much more dark and gritty one this go around.

I've been working through Daniel Kirby's Sketch 101 Class, and its really been pushing me to get down to the why something is funny.  Forcing my brain to think about comedy at a more granular level.  It's going to make me a better performer, and I have a finished sketch that I am pretty proud of, hopefully one day it sees the stage.  If you haven't taken the Sketch class, we have one starting next month, and a 201 also.  It really focuses on writing, and the how and why something works comedically.

And lastly, I've just been spending some evenings in my back yard watching the sunset.  Enjoying the cool whispers of a May evening breeze, trying to take in every last bit of them before it gets too hot to go back outside until monsoon season.  I've been contemplating how to get rid of this annoying grass that keeps coming up to torment me, and to give my citrus trees the love they actually deserve for once.  It's been nice, and I hope things remain a little slower and we get to savor moments more after this is over.  It's what I've been trying to do, and something I want to take with me from the pandemic.

That was weird, and I guess a little glimpse into my diary from the past couple weeks.  If you are still reading...why?  But I appreciate it.  I didn't mean for this to happen when I started writing, but here we are pandemics are weird.  Over the next month I really hope to spice up what we are doing at TIM for you.  We need to change and keep pushing forward if TIM is going to make it through this.  I hope you go for this ride with us and keep supporting all the great people who make time so funny!







Don't miss the newest Baby Fish Mouth Sketch about that team member at work who is thriving during the pandemic!




Upcoming Shows




Friday Night

5/29 @ 7:00 pm - Performance Evaluation & Triple Indemnity
6/5 @ 7:00pm - Home Alone Comedy Show
6/12 @ 7:00pm - Stand Up 101 Student Showcase


Sunday Morning

11:00 am - Discussing Improv: An Afternoon Constitutional
5/31 with Maria Konopken from Matt Damon Improv Chicago discussing Mental Health and Improv
6/7 with Jorge Berrios Spanglish Improv LA discussing Improv in Another Language
6/14 with Tina Jailing Bear Stage San Antonio discussing Deep Relationships and Slow Comedy





Support TIM: Digital Edition Show Tickets




Upcoming Classes





Improv Comedy 

Improv(e) Your Zoom Meetings - Saturday, May 30th with Justin Lukasewicz
Improv Impressions
 - Sunday, May 31st with Justin Lukasewicz

Stand Up Comedy 

101 - Sunday, June 14th with Mo Urban(Digital Edition)

Sketch Comedy 

101 - Sunday, June 21st with Amanda Tennyson (Digital Edition)
201 - Sunday, June 14th with Daniel (Digital Edition)





Register for Class Now








Improv Impressions

Saturday, May 31st with Justin Lukasewicz

Have you heard of the concept Yes And and need to know more?  Join Improv Impressions: an asynchronous virtual introduction to the tenets and philosophy behind improv comedy.  In this class, participants will receive virtual content drops over three weeks which will include videos, articles to read, and thoughts from our TIM instructors and performers.  The class will work together through a private facebook group where participants will be encouraged to post homework about the concepts and interact with other participants.  There will be a once a week one hour virtual office hour where participants can chat with the instructor and fellow class participants over Zoom.  Start your improv journey with Tucson Improv Movement!




Register for Improv Impressions Today!




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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Winding Road Theater Ensemble: Stream Benchmarks for free!



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Subject: Stream Benchmarks for free!


Benchmarks by Glenn Alterman, starring Larry Gutman and Maggie Geertsen, directed by Linda Andresano.



Winding Road Theater Ensemble is pleased to announce our upcoming ten minute play festival, Eight 10s Online!

We're deep into rehearsal for our second annual Eight 10s in Tucson ten minute play festival, brought to you online! We'll be going live in June, but until then, please click to see videos of eight ten minute plays presented on stage last spring! The viewing rights to these shows have been generously provided by the playwrights until May 31st only, so enjoy them now!

Which was your favorite? Which surprised you the most? Which would you love to see expanded into a full evening of theater? Share the link with your friends, nationwide! 

We'll keep you posted about this season's Eight 10s Online but until then, click the red SUBSCRIBE button so you won't miss a thing! And feel free to share! 


Support Winding Road






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Literacy Connects Virtual Summer Camp


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Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 9:56 AM
Subject: Virtual Summer Camp


Calling all creative youth!

Want to make films, act, write, and/or animate? Now is your chance! Join Literacy Connects' virtual summer camp to turn original stories into short films! This online camp includes collaborative learning with a team of friends each day! You will also receive one-on-one sessions with ​professional Stories that Soar! teaching artists. At the end of the program, all stories will premiere on Youtube to share with your friends and family. The #StoriesThatStream Virtual Summer Camp runs Mondays-Fridays, June 1 to June 26. Team Sessions meet daily from 10:00 am-11:00 am. There will also be one-on-one teaching sessions and independent work 11am - 12pm.



Must be between 11-14 years of age.

Must have a working computer, phone, and/or tablet.

Zoom app installed on any compatible device for virtual meetings.

**A limited number of computers are available for checkout from Literacy Connects.  


Learn more and register here! Or call (520) 820-8994.



Alyssa Ruiz

Youth Center Site Coordinator

Phone: (520)-882-8006 x 221




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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Arts Express: Virtual Musical Theatre for Kids & Teens


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Subject: Don't Miss Out On Musical Theatre Summer Fun!


Musical Theatre for Kids • Summer 2020


Virtual Musical Theatre for Kids & Teens

Summer 2020

 Don't Miss Out On Musical Theatre Summer Fun!


Summer Theatre Camps for Kids! (Grades 3-8)

Moana (June 15 – 26) •  The Lion King (July 6 – 17)

Online curriculum will include auditions, coaching and rehearsals of all the show material: music, lines, and learning how to act on film. Culminating in a video production featuring your child(ren)! You will see your child learn new skills in the musical theater arena from the safety of your home, using the same equipment you have already likely been using for your child's school.

How will this work?  The children will meet daily online to learn the show, and develop the skills they'll need. Then, using the students' recorded performances a a little bit of "movie magic," our fabulous technical crew will implement their design and compile the parts into a full video performance for all of us to enjoy at our virtual Watch Party! We can't wait to see the children shine on video! Each each student will receive a festive bag filled with the script, music CD, craft supplies, family activities and cool surprises!

Summer Theatre Classes!

Hone your student's skills & passion for musical theatre in a fun virtual setting! These online masterclasses take a deeper look at musical theatre topics, both on-stage & behind-the-scenes!

Costume Design (June 1-19(Ages 12 - Adult)

Acting Truthfully (June 1-5(Ages 8-18)

Q-Lab: Technical Theatre (June 2-18) (Ages 14 - Adult)

Vocal Performance (June 8-12(Ages 8-18)

Puppet Shakespeare (June 22-26(Ages 8-18)

My Artistic Blueprint (June 29 - July 1(Ages 14 - Adult)



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Film Tucson: The Door is Open. Bring Your Camera.


From: Film Tucson <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 1:44 PM
Subject: The Door is Open. Bring Your Camera.




You've got a story to tell. We love being in the background.

Tucson's 'open' sign is flashing, even if it's a little hard to see under our luminous natural sunlight.

You'll have to use protection: masks, equipment sanitized daily, on-set medics, and smaller groupings are just a few of our simple recommendations. Safety moves to the front of the line.

Tucson's diligent crew is ready to work, easily juggling booms, gaffer tape, walkies, and facial coverings without dropping a beat.

Our hotels and resorts are prepped and eager to host, and our permits are always free and easy.

If you're looking to film, come on over. Our door is unlocked.

Peter Catalanotte
Film Tucson






Film Tucson

115 N. Church Avenue

Suite 200

Tucson, AZ 85701


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By Chuck Graham,

To help get through the coronavirus crisis Bernice Chesi and I want to encourage you to dine out now and then in the comfort of your own social-distance observing home.

Each weekend we are going to order out dinner from an iconic local restaurant, create as much of a restaurant atmosphere as possible at home, pretend we are dining out and report on the experience!


Even though some restaurants will be re-opening soon under restricted conditions, some Tucsonans will prefer to wait awhile and see what happens. Enjoying another carryout meal or two at home may be just the ticket.


The Chesi Cantina at Victor and Bernice Chesi's home.

The take-out food we ordered was so delicious, it made me want to visit the restaurant for dining in. We are talking about El Minuto, the proudly traditional cafe flaunting its quaintness from the edge of Old Tucson, literally straight across South Cushing Street from New Tucson's downtown convention center where the future includes a very tall hotel rising nearby from its scaffolding in the center's vast parking lot.

More than 80 years ago (in 1936) El Minuto welcomed its first customers, likely looking much the same as it does today. The official address is 354 S. Main Ave.

Matching the flavors with the adjectives in mid-meal.

Recently the dining room re-opened under some strict COVID-19 restrictions, so check the website ( for the latest available dining information. Food orders can be placed online or by phone, 882-4145, on Tuesdays-Sundays from 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.

But Bernice and I couldn't wait for science to win the coronavirus war. Her home is already dedicated to the southwestern lifestyle, a perfect match with El Minuto's own dedication to the deep details of Sonoran border cuisine.

The restaurant itself is often noted for its cozy atmosphere and welcoming family feeling. To go along with our special carry-out dinner we tuned in music from the Mexicana channel on the Music Choice satellite service. The playlist was filled with trumpet fanfares and rhythmic melodies.

Crispy chips and nippy salsa (in the red bowl) brightened our entire meal.

Of course, a bowl of El Minuto's crispy chips and nippy salsa came first, along with some very large and home-sourced margaritas.

“These are Cadillac Margaritas,” said Bernice's husband Victor, the watchful bartender. His drinks definitely tasted top-of-the-line.

As for that heat-seeking salsa, its bite was wide and deep. Never mind what your personal comfort level with peppers might be, this salsa gave a bold boost to every dinner item we ordered – from the chips to the tacos, chimichanga and enchilada, all served with rice and beans.

Right now El Minuto's full menu is not available for take-out or dining in. There are still a good number of items to choose from, including the cafe's iconic Topopo salad. But alas, still no cheese crisps or desserts. The rest of the menu will be added back as time goes on.

Our meal did have a happy ending, though, more informally known as “feeling stuffed.” Here's how it went.

The soup course, tortilla (left) and albondigas.

After the chips came bowls of albondigas and tortilla soups. Both held generous helpings of beef and chicken respectively. Albondigas has always been my Mexican soup of choice, but this tortilla soup had chicken broth so delicious you'd be happy if it jumped out of the bowl and sat in your lap. There were also large pieces of chicken so tender and moist, but that broth – oh man!

Then came a round of beef tacos, another chance to introduce the smoldering salsa to a new culinary wake-up challenge. In this setting the cheerful tacos seemed like a good companion to another round of drinks...and maybe cranking up the music a bit.

We also had a huge, crisply edged yet almost flaky flour tortilla folded many times over. Seemed like it could have been three feet in diameter. Tearing it apart by hand had just the right feel.

Plates with a taco, enchilada, rice and beans, while a chimichanga waits in the background.

Then it was time to divide up the entrees, setting each plate with beans and rice, some of the chicken enchilada and shredded beef chimichanga. This was a mix and match fiesta, to be sure. Once again a generous helping of chicken, this time in the enchilada, was lightly seasoned and complexly flavored. How do they do that?

The chimi was road warrior worthy, a macho dish to be sure. Hefty beef had been carefully cooked for enormous amounts of time in a secret blend of seasonings that could be its own brand of science.

Although I went lightly with the sub-atomic salsa on all the dishes, by the end of our dinner there wasn't much salsa left in the bowl. Just saying, the bowl was closest to Victor's plate.

Looking back on this sunny experience, what I remembered most was the variety of flavors. While the ingredients to Sonoran food are elemental, the nuances are kaleidoscopic. A small change here, a little adjustment there, creates a whole new effect. At El Minuto, savoring each bite yields ample rewards.

Bernice Chesi and Chuck Graham toast their sunny meal from El Minuto Cafe.