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Tucson: further clarification "The Vagina Monologues" auditions

Audtions for The Vagina Molologues (UA and Community versons) ...

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I would like to offer some further clarification about the multiple productions of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES in Tucson:


All three productions of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES are very important to this community. While one may be performed at a large and newly renovated venue, all three should be considered valuable to the community as a whole. Each production is being coordinated in hopes to raise awareness in the community about Sexual Assault, as well as raise funds for a particular center against sexual assault. If you choose to audition for one of these productions, you are contributing to a very good cause and your efforts will be highly appreciated.


If you are not auditioning for one of these groups, please make a point to see at least one of the 3 productions in February. Information about the University of Arizona performance will be distributed starting in January.


For further information about V-Day and the benefit performances of THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES in Tucson and around the world, please go to


Working towards a world without violence,


Bevan Brunelle Bluemer

V-Day 2006 Production Coordinator/Director

University of Arizona Production

Company Manager

Arizona Theatre Company


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