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Tucson: Beowulf Alley's LNT@the Alley Presents Phyro-Giants! by Michael Blieden


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Beowulf Alley’s LNT@the Alley Presents

Phyro-Giants! by Michael Blieden


Beowulf Alley Theatre’s Late Night Theatre, LNT@the Alley will presents Michael Blieden’s Phyro-Giants at the theatre, 11 South 6th Avenue (Downtown between Broadway and Congress). Performance dates are Dec. 4, 5, 11 and 12 at 10:00 p.m.. Admission is $8 cash at the door. The box office phone number is (520) 882-0555.


Directed by Lydia Borowicz, the cast includes Lucas Gonzales, Brian Hanson. Michelle Sciarrone. Michelle Luz and Maggie Shaffer.


Phyro-Giants! takes on marriage, fidelity, ghosts, God, and long-distance phone services during a dizzying dinner between four friends and strangers who reveal more than they bargained for. Michael Blieden’s Phyro-Giants! explores the phenomenon of restaurant intimacy – that strange sense of comfort and honesty experienced at a dinner with acquaintances who, for one night, become a person's closest confidants. Wine flows, desserts are shared and four loosely connected individuals share their hopes, dreams, fears, fantasies and secrets in this modern day fable told in real time.



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