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Tucson: Stories that Soar! Children of Rita Ranch



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Mesquite Elementary teachers help bring Stories that Soar! to the Vail School District


At 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 19, 2007 Stories that Soar! performs at Mesquite Elementary School located at 9455 E Rita Rd in Vail, just south of Tucson. The school staff sees the program as a wonderful outlet for children's imaginations, creativity and literacy skills. Although Rita Ranch is a growing district, there is still little opportunity to explore the cultural identity of the community. With Stories that Soar! children's interests, concerns and views are highlighted as their stories are shared through a professionally acted theatrical production using adult actors, singers, dancers and musicians.


To bring this Fine Arts program to Mesquite, the principal and teachers volunteered to do a McDonald's Night fundraiser. Along with the efforts of Enrichment Coordinator Janet Collins and Extended Learning Program Teacher Liz Bradshaw, and with help from the PTO, the Vail District Foundation and Arizona Commission on the Arts, the needed funds were raised. The enthusiasm is apparent; Mesquite set the record for a first time school, having almost 500 stories voluntarily "fed" to the Magic Boxâ„¢ in two weeks!


Although each Stories that Soar! program starts in a similar way with the Magic Box inviting children to   write about anything at all, the results vastly differ depending on the school population and the time of year the program takes place. At the Mesquite show prepare to be delighted by wild adventures featuring a crazy rattlesnake, a wise mountain lion and Fuzzy Wuzzy the evil bear; dazzled by a runway fashion show and a gigantic singing tree; and touched by a young girl's ode to her father serving in Afghanistan.


The mission of Stories that Soar! is to empower children to believe in themselves by giving voice to their original words and creative ideas. The program is provided by SharMoore Children's Productions , an arts-in-education nonprofit organization now in its third year of operation. Visit for more information on Stories that Soar! and SharMoore's other literacy and arts programming.


Come see how the magic of Stories that Soar! brings the words of Mesquite students to life on Wednesday, December 19 at Mesquite Elementary at 12:30 p.m.  Visitors are welcome and encouraged to come see this show as long as they check in at the office.


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