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CASTING CALL for Independent Feature Film


From: Douglas Raine []
Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2016 4:02 PM
Subject: CASTING CALL for Feature Film


CASTING CALL for Feature Film


Production title: WHEN I SING (Independent Feature)
SAG and Non-Union (Ultra Low-budget agreement)   PAID

Director: Robin Russin
Producers: Harry Findysz, Linda Chorney, Doug Raine


LOCATION: 911 S. Tyndall – Southern Arizona Video Productions (drop-offs to this address)
TIME:   SATURDAY Dec 10th from 10am-3pm


Synopsis: The true story of Linda Chorney, the first independent artist to be nominated for a Grammy. After singing in bars, nightclubs and resorts for 30 years she finally gets validation, but it comes at a price.  Bullying, death threats and harassment from industry insider send Linda on an emotional roller-coaster ride to the Grammys.


The following ROLLS are “Day-Players” for potential shooting dates:
Dec . 19-22        Jan. 5-6        Jan. 23- Feb.9


YOUNG LINDA (female) 18-24 Brunette longish hair, brown-eyed, physically fit 5'6"-5"9

JOHN (male) 20-30 with strong WISCONSIN ACCENT.

BRITTNI (female) 20-30 with strong WISCONSIN ACCENT.

BIKER (male) 40’s-50’s rugged, good character face

BIKER CHICK (female) 30’s- 40’s, tough, tattooed, with a bone in her nose (added by MU)

PHIL (male) 30’s Young driven publicist, conniving, edgy, ruthless, and sneaky

GIRL STUDENT 18-22 preppy

GUY STUDENT 18-22 preppy

TICKET CLERK (female/male) 20’s-30’s clean cut, precise

CONO (male)  40’s-50’s Italian pizza shop opener, bombastic.

NYC  COP (male) 30’s-50’s clean cut, intimidating [police uniform a plus)

DEBBIE PROMO - 40’s on edge, wired, job always on the line.

DESIGNER  (male) 40’s NY stylish, handsome

MAKE-UP GIRL (female) -20’s NYC accent & attitude.

BORDER PATROL OFFICER (female/male) 30’s,( BP type shirt a plus)

PHOTOGRAPHER (male)  40’s  hip, cool, calm professional

CARIBBEAN MAGISTRATE (male) 60’s-70’s, elderly judge from Santo Domingo



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