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Tucson: Auditions for Comedy/Horror Feature Film, this Friday and Saturday, Paid Roles



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Subject: Auditions for Comedy/Horror Feature Film, this Friday and Saturday, Paid Roles


Horror film star Tiffany Shepis (Bonnie & Clyde vs. Dracula, Good Boy, will make her directorial debut in the horror-comedy The Devil's Pies which will be shot in Tucson in the first half of January 2009.  Auditions will be held this Friday and Saturday, December 5 and 6 (see times and location below).  This will be a SAG Modified Low Budget film, pending SAG approval.  Producers are Brian McLaughlin (Red 71, and Jeremy Womac (Trade In,  Written by veteran screenwriter is Rolfe Kanefsky (Blonde and Blonder,


Show Synopsis: When Mary and Muffy decide to pledge the hottest sorority on campus, they have no idea they would be chosen ... to become virgin sacrifices to a demonic creature that the Phi's worship in exchange for their continual success, power and beauty!  Luckily, ignorance is bliss because Mary and Muffy are the most clueless blondes in the world, accidentally foiling the sorority girls' plans at every turn until the hilarious showdown with Satan himself in this sexy, splatter comedy of incredibly dumb proportions!

Audition Date and Time: 5 December: 3 - 8 PM, 6 December: 9 AM - 5 PM
Audition Location: Aufmuth Motors (3981 N Business Center Drive, Tucson), near Prince and I-10, come to NW corner of the building

Headshot and Resume: Bring to audition.

Character Breakdown:

All of the girls of Phi are very beautiful, wealthy, and powerful as are their surroundings. These Girls ages range from 18 to 25.

MUFFY McDUFFY- beautiful, hot blonde, 18. Unfortunately, she’s also the dumbest but most arrogant girl on the planet. Wants to be a supermodel and is dying to lose her virginity.


MARY WHITE- 19, working her way through school as a pizza delivery girl. Very pretty but not flashy. Has an innocent dumbness to her. Wants to be a world-famous cook and waiting to meet Mr. Right.


BELINDA REYNOLDS- Early 20’s, the leader of the hottest sorority on campus. She always tries to be calm and in control. Beautiful on the outside and pure evil inside. She knows she’s better than everyone else. Some nudity required.


MATILDA MITCHELL- Belinda’s second in command. 20, and very attractive but always loses out to Belinda. Frustrated by wanting to be number one.


LUCY NICOLES- 19, killer body and knows how to use it. She’s the sex kitten of the sorority and an expert with voodoo dolls. She can seduce anyone and frequently does. NUDITY required.


ANDREA LARSON- 20, the brain of the sorority but just as evil. She is the smart, sexy one of the group. Unfortunately, even her smartness can't compete with Muffy and Mary’s dumbness.


SISTER SARAH – Early-mid 30’s, a nun who knows there is something amiss at the sorority and wants to help. Unfortunately, the demon knows how sexy she can be without the habit and corrupts her. Partial nudity required.


NANCY, CHERYL, FAWN, OLIVIA, POLLY- 18-23, more of the hot sorority girls of the Adelphia Phi sorority. Looking for attractive, outrageous girls who can bring something sexy and fun to this project. Some nudity required and being good at comedy improv a plus.


ALBERT- late 40’s, groundskeeper, friendly to Muffy and Mary but mysterious and weird although he’s really trying to help the innocent girls. He knows the sorority’s evil secret. Physical comedy skills a plus.


FANNY RICE Age 20s, lesbian goth girl, Dark hair tattoos. (Already cast, Tiffany Shepis)


SPIKE- twenties, tattoo artist covered in tattoos. Very butch and very into women. Fanny’s lover who breaks her heart. Strong physical presence needed.


REGAN SPANO- attractive 20’s college girl, athletic, plays tennis and makes the mistake of stealing Lucy’s boyfriend. Freaks out when a part of her anatomy literally catches fire.


CHRIS- Lucy’s ex-boyfriend, jock-type, 20’s, playing tennis when he is transformed by one of Lucy’s voodoo spells.


JACK DODSON- Late 30’s, head of a television station. Handsome, business man, likes to sleep around with college girls. Had an one-nighter with Belinda and she comes back for payback. Jack does not end up well.


SATAN Tall attractive, Fit

CARLOS, a gorgeous stud of a man. Early to mid 20s

DOORMAN Big Bouncer Type

SCRABBLE GUY 1 AND 2 Tall fit and good looking.

GOD, a grizzly older bartender with a huge gray beard

DONALD, Jack's assistant,

ZORBA, the owner of a Greek restaurant, a kindly, older gentlemen with a bit of an accent.

DOREEN, an attractive waitress any age.

RALPH, the director of a commercial

MULTIPLE COLLEGE GIRLS- It’s a sexy college comedy. Looking for girls who like to be sexy, covered in blood, dance, and have a good time on a film set. Any special skills welcomed.


Shoot Dates: 3 - 18 January 2008

Payment: SAG Scale, pending approval of a Modified Low Budget agreement

Crew applications, with resume, can be sent to


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