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Tucson: Correction: Deuce Bounty casting call


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Apologies, but here are the corrections for the character breakdowns.

J.W - Robert's Bestfriend (any ethnicity-late 20's - athletic
build- must be able to do action sequences) J.W is the type of person
who thinks she has everything under control in any situation totally
opposite from Robert, the lead character. She works for Serrano and is
his most trusted soldier.

Maxine- (any ethnicity early 30's) Serrano's Girlfriend she is the
poster child for bitch she is the type of person that would hurt you
emotionally and physically just so she could have a great day (actress
should have great improv skills)

Again, the auditions will be this Saturday from 11am-3pm at 6011 E.
22nd street. Please e-mail your headshot/resume or bring it to the


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