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Tucson: Rincon/University High presents Vietnam 101: The War on Campus


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Rincon/University High School's Cast of Thousands



Vietnam 101: The War on Campus

By Rich Orloff

Presented by special arrangement from Playscripts, Inc

With excerpts from Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (©The New York Vietnam Veterans Commission) and personal interviews with Vietnam veterans


Where: R/UHS Little Theatre

When: May 14 and 15 at 7 P.M.

How Much: $4.50 Adults, $2.50 Students

Who: Directed by Maryann Green and Kristie Gallardo

Featuring the Cast of Thousands


"Vietnam 101: The War on Campus is a documentary theater piece based on recollections of over one hundred students at Oberlin College. The play recreates a time when people were asking the same questions that are being asked today about our government and our responsibilities. Combining monologues with Story Theater-type scenes, the play covers the years 1964 to 1970, from Lyndon Johnson's promise not to expand the war to Kent State and finally an epilogue from the present."

                                            -Playscripts, Inc.


"An entertaining primer, Vietnam 101: The War on Campus examines, with sensitivity, honesty, humility and wit, students protests' glory years."

                                                              -Philadelphia City Paper

    "While the play has a leftist anti-war bias, students strive to present a balanced view by including monologues and letters from vietnam veterans, many of whom are friends and relatives of the cast and crew. It makes for a powerful and thought-provoking slice of a time in our history that seems strangely familiar and current."

                                                                           -Maryann Green (Director)


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