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Tucson: Call for Submissions for Fringe 2012


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Tucson Fringe Theater Festival

2nd Annual Festival will be held Feb 23-26, 2012


The Tucson Fringe Theater Festival is proud to announce its sophomore 2012 festival dates. The Tucson Fringe Festival is an unjuried, uncensored performance art and theater festival promoting accessibility for presenting artists and unrestrained artistic freedom.  The Festival will begin on February 23 with an opening gala, followed by a 3-day extravaganza of varied performance.


Continuing the success of the inaugural festival and partnering with the Beowulf Alley Theatre, Tucson Fringe Theater Festival will again select six unique artists to perform original pieces across downtown.   The selection process is a random lottery that will take place on Jan. 15, 2012. Tucson Fringe is currently accepting submissions for the 2012 festival.


Founded by two native Tucsonans and lifelong friends Yasmine M. Jahanmir and Sara Habib, Tucson Fringe Theater Festival hopes to expand upon an already thriving theatrical community by promoting affordable opportunities for artists to craft original ideas while presenting a wider array of performance practice.  Tucson has always been dedicated to the arts, and is the perfect place to host an avant-garde, innovative festival like Fringe. Downtown Tucson provides an ideal setting to bring together arts patrons of all demographics.


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