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Tucson: Auditions for short plays for the Tucson Fringe Festival

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Subject: Auditions for short plays for the Tucson Fringe Festival

Auditions for short plays for the Tucson Fringe Festival

When: Saturday, January 21st, 12-3PM
Where: Camino de la Sierra apartment complex clubhouse, southeast
corner of Swan and Glenn, 2720 N. Swan Rd. The clubhouse is just
south of the pool.
What's going on: Auditions for three short plays, written by Joan
O'Dwyer, directed by Whitney Morton, to be performed at the Tucson
Fringe Festival. The three plays are ten minutes each, edgy, modern,
dealing with relevant and controversial subjects such as politics,
cloning, religion, death, and family.

HAPPENS ALL THE TIME - A newcomer, Kate, joins a terminal cancer
support group and challenges the other patients' faith when she starts
asking tough questions.
Kate - 40s
Martha - 40s, the facilitator
Fidela - 20s, very religious
Laurel - 20s, shy
Dave - 30s, veterinarian

KIDS! - A pair of unconventional mothers and their precocious and
hilarious children are having a day at the beach, when they are joined
by a handsome stranger and his child, to whom there is more than meets
the eye.
Maxine - mother, 30s
Maya - Maxine's daughter, 12 (played by an adult)
Blanche - mother, 40s
Burbank - Blanche's son, 15 (played by an adult)
Pfeifer - male, 30s or 40s, German accent
Tork - Pfeifer's son, age 3 (played by an adult man or woman)

IS A PIG'S ASS PORK? - Set in a dystopian matriarchal society some
decades into the future, a rebellious council member visits the last
living historian for a re-education lesson.
Smetana-205 - the historian, no particular age
Linda-309 - Val's friend and den mother, 30s
Val-347 - the rebel, early 20s

We'll need men and women of various ages (one of the male parts will
require almost-nudity, i.e. only underwear, for a brief scene). Most
actors will be playing more than one part. Rehearsals begin January
23rd, and the performances will be February 23rd through 26th.
Auditions will consist of readings from the script, and pre-prepared
monologues of no more than 2 minutes are also acceptable but not

For any questions, email whitney.morton@gmail.com.

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