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Tucson: Discount on Comedy Improv at The Studio for Actors


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Subject: Announcement: March 2012 Discount on Comedy Improv at The Studio for Actors


Taste of Improv Class

The Studio for Actors is now offering a "Taste of Improv Class." Here's how it works. Just come on one Wednesday night from 6:30pm-8:00pm for only $30. This class is normally $40, but for the evenings of March 14 or March 28, you can attend for $30 for one class only, and see how much you love studying improv at The Studio. So, if you've always wondered (or if you've never wondered) if you would enjoy comedy improv, this is your chance to check it out.

Call (520) 881-2363 to sign up.  To qualify for the discounted price, you must say the words "Taste of Improv Class" when you call.

* Limit one $30 class per person.

Comedy Improvisation

You don't have to be a funny person to love and get a lot out of a comedy improv class. I can make you funny. Because you have to focus in this class, you can end up both taking a vacation from the difficult stuff that goes on in everyone's life, and there's a lot of healing through laughter. Your coach is a former Saturday Night Live cast member, and will give you formats, dialects, and structure. Improv is a great stress reliever and encourages the ability to verbally communicate. So, come play, have a ball, and enjoy releasing your special creativity. Also, for students of acting, improv enhances your auditions, loosens up the body, helps you think fast on your feet, introduces dialects, and sharpens your timing.

4 consecutive Wednesday nights
Start on any Wednesday (but you must call first to sign up).
$40 per week
(If you have to miss one of them, you just pay for it and then take class 5 free.)

To find out more or to sign up, call Anna Risley at (520) 881-2363.

Also being offered:
Radio/TV Voiceover Seminar
Audition Technique

Each of these classes is taught by Anna Risley at her Studio (The Studio for Actors), located on 6th Street, just off 4th Avenue.  Anna has 30 years of experience in film, television, voiceover, and stage acting.   To check out her resume, please visit The Studio for Actors website , or call her at (520) 881-2363 to sign up.


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