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Tucson: Support the Multimedia Production Incentives bill (SB1170)


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Friends of film in Arizona,


Right now we're waiting for the Multimedia Production Incentives bill (SB1170) to be assigned to a House committee to be heard. We expect that to happen next week. As soon as we know what committee that is, we'll ask you to contact those committee members specifically (we'll provide their contact information).


Then, when it passes out of committee, we'll  ask you to contact the full House a day or two before it goes to the Floor for Committee of the Whole.


Here is a short list of talking points. Below is a longer list.


·         It means New Jobs and New Revenue – an economic engine for the state.

For example, an Ernst Young Economic Impact study for New Mexico's program (similar to SB1170) stated that in 2007, 30 films were produced, generating $253 million of spending;  2,220 direct jobs were created; those 2,220 direct jobs created 1,609 additional jobs in other industries, resulting in a total employment impact of 3,829 jobs.


·         It's FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: Not ONE penny, not one incentive, is issued by the State until AFTER the private producer/developer spends hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of private money in Arizona.


·         Education and Mentoring – SB1170  provides ways to keep film, TV and multimedia students who attended Arizona Universities and Community Colleges from leaving the state to find jobs and  instead to use that education (to which we all contribute) here. There are career paths for High School graduates to follow too.


The film industry is part of Arizona's great legacy; let's revive it in this our CENTENNIAL YEAR.






Shelli Hall


Tucson Film Office

division of Metro Tucson CVB

100 S. Church Ave

Tucson, AZ 85701





BACKGROUND: The motion picture production industry has deep and long established roots in Arizona dating back to Statehood. Thousands of Arizona residents have been employed as crews, technicians, actors, and numerous vendors, while hundreds of millions of dollars have been poured into the Arizona economy via film and television production and from Tourism that has resulted from Arizona's portrayal in countless films and numerous television series.


Currently, the film and nationally-burgeoning multimedia production industry is suffering in our state. Over 40 states have created state supported tax incentive programs to lure this lucrative business. These programs make it impossible for Arizona to compete. Without this incentive, thousands of jobs, millions of dollars of income, and untold damage to this long established industry is occurring.


To help level the playing field and maintain and enhance this vibrant economic engine for our state, SB1170 was created.


·         It's FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE: - Not ONE penny, not one incentive, is issued by the State until AFTER the private producer/developer spends hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of private money IN ARIZONA

·         ACCOUNTABILITY: Audits and other accountability measures – after the jobs are created, and the money is spent-  are mandated by the bill to ensure the money was properly spent

·         It's a SMARTER INCENTIVE than the prior incentive program…the sales tax exemption has been taken out as well as the transferability

·         NEW JOBS and NEW REVENUES will start immediately as t.v. series and feature films locate here, as hundreds of construction jobs are  created for planned for soundstage facilities, to be followed by thousands of jobs at the facilities and with suppliers, vendors, and production crews

·         Close to $200 MILLION in PRIVATE INVESTMENT IN HARD INFRASTRUCTURE is planned; 2 "Soundstage Communities" are planned; it is this infrastructure investment that will enhance and build our local film industry with LOCAL full-time jobs; These private investors would not be taking such a high risk if they did not think that production companies will come to Arizona once this legislation passes

·         Our chief rival, New Mexico, has already had published reports expressing concern that, should this bill pass, the business that currently goes to New Mexico will now flock to Arizona.

·         Education and mentoring: the bill provides for ways to keep multimedia production students who attend our universities, community colleges, and private institutions from leaving the state to find jobs and instead use that education (to which we all contribute) here in Arizona

·         Will serve as an ECONOMIC ENGINE encouraging private investment and development in Arizona, creating jobs in the building trades, film and video production, the hotel, hospitality and travel industries, food services, music and entertainment, real estate, financial and insurance businesses. Literally, the entire economy of Arizona is directly impacted.


·         MAINTAINS AN INDUSTRY that has been here in Arizona SINCE STATEHOOD, especially as we enter our CENTENNIAL YEAR.

IF THIS BILL DOES NOT PASS, YOU WILL NOT ONLY NOT be getting new jobs and new revenues, but you will LOSE CURRENT JOBS AND CURRENT REVENUES and KILL AN INDUSTRY that has been an important part of our economy and our state since Statehood.



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