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Male Voice Over Artist Needed (Paid)


Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2012 10:40 AM
Subject: Male Voice Over Artist Needed (Paid)




PRODUCTION:  University of Arizona Television Ad “Bear Down”

PRODUCED BY:  Crown Chimp Productions



AUDITION INFORMATION:  Auditioning experienced and interested MALE Voice Over artist (Middle-aged to Senior) for a University of Arizona Television ad.  Initial auditions will be by Telephone only.  Below you will find the “Script” for the spot. 


Please read through, practice and then call (520) 471-5194.  Read the script for us on the voice-mail, then leave your name, telephone number and email address for us to reach you at.  Auditions must be completed before July 31, 2012 by 9:00pm.  Please do not call more than twice—one script read per phone call.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to contact those who were not chosen for call-backs.  Please understand, we are not trying to be rude, we are just on a limited time budget.  We do, however, appreciate your time, attention and interest in this project and sincerely Thank You for giving it a go.


DIRECTORS NOTE:  In order to help you understand the commercial and what we are looking for, here is a note from the Directors Statement about this piece. 


“We’ve seen the moment in almost every sports movie.  It’s 4th and 3, 30 yards out and the team’s down by 6 with 20 seconds on the clock. Its bases loaded, bottom of the 9th with a 3-2 count…  THIS is not the Bear Down we’re talking about. Our Bear Down is the series of small decisions made every day. In the weight room, do you settle for 7 reps when your goal was 8?  Do you stay at 8 when you know you can get 9?  It’s the decision to keep job hunting when you’ve been given no encouragement and no new opportunities. It’s that fight inside of every hard working person trying to provide for their family. This spot is about that human grit in the smallest of unseen moments


Perseverance is a daily decision.


Our goal is to present a truth to every person that watches this piece. A truth that says “We know this isn’t easy. We know there is no 4th and 3 moment- you can’t just overcome once and you’ve won. You have to overcome day after day. We know great achievement- for yourself, your family or the world- does not come easy. We know.”  So whatever you call it- grit, determination, perseverance, Bear Down- it’s about the strength to be better, to overcome obstacle time after time.” 


We're going for a salt of the earth, down and dirty feel. No soaring rhetoric. The images will have a very handheld naturalistic feeling to them. The voice over needs to match this tone. Subtle and capable of nuance but primarily rooted in grit.  gain, this should be a natural quality. The type of person that walks into a room and demands respect. Without saying a word.  - Nickolas Duarte


COMPENSATION:  Compensation will be a respectable day-rate.  :) 


For questions, please contact Rosie Zwaduk, Producer, at


SCRIPT:  (Please note that you should only use the script or your recording of it for auditioning purposes. The script is property, unless otherwise specified, of the voice seeker and it is protected by international copyright laws.)


Bear Down.  When we say it, we scream it.

It’s not just about school spirit.  It’s about a school’s soul.

It’s about the daily struggle to reach skyward. 

By digging deeper than we ever thought possible.

The University of Arizona is about real pride, and a city’s real people. 

It’s a truth built by generations of grit.

About asking the toughest questions, and relentlessly pursuing the answers.

At the University of Arizona, we turn challenges into opportunities, and opportunities into great human achievement.


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