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Beowulf Alley Theatre presents (Dude) True Story: Three Tall Tales


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June 29th 2013


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Date: June 29th 2013



Beowulf Alley Theatre Company



(Dude) True Story: Three Tall Tales


Jimmy Dees



Beowulf Alley Theatre Company presents (Dude) True Story: Three Tall Tales by Jimmy Dees July 19th through August 4th, Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm, at Beowulf Alley Theatre, 11 S 6th Avenue in downtown Tucson. Tickets are $12, $10 for seniors, students, teachers and military personnel. New season subscribers are only $8. For more information contact Michael Fenlason at or 520.882.0555.


(Dude) True Story is a wild and raucous collection of one-acts by Oregon writer Jimmy Dees.



Tenure or Dust

Will losing a poet cost our hero his last shot at tenure? Roger Weaver and his trusted colleague, Mary Jane Loso, come to Casey's Bar in search of the missing Bulgarian. They’ve already been to the Buffet and the District. Where else would a poet be? Roger has never lost a poet before. Did a power nap and an extra hot nonfat Chai Latte cost him his last chance at a mortgage in the Sam Hughes area?




Hungry Hills Estates

Can two down-on-their-luck real estate salesmen catch a break? Or does a young girl's advisor make sure Grammie's money is well spent? Featuring the French actress Cynchie, this true tale explores the seamy side of real estate. Will love win out over greed? And what is it with lawyers?



The Tweed family gathers for a holiday meal. And they've brought friends. And baggage. Lots and lots and lots of baggage. Can this bickering family of self-help experts help themselves? Or will the meal go sour like bad wine. This tale explores the underbelly of wine-tasting, Buddhist monks, personalized license plates, and why Costco is constantly shifting their stuff from one aisle to another. Well, maybe not Costco; that question would take a whole play. Just about the same time it takes to find the dog food every month.


For more information contact Michael Fenlason at or 520.882.0555.




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