Monday, June 10, 2013

Camera/ Lighting/ Sound needed


From: Baron Bella []
Sent: Monday, June 10, 2013 11:48 AM
Subject: Camera/ Lighting/ Sound needed


Either late July or early August.  10 to 15 day shoot.  Indie dramedy with NO BUDGET up front 



we will be loading 2 to 5 scenes onto kickstarter along with PR material to get funding. In submitting, budget will be outlined to include tech and each tech contract will contain the same budget/numbers as is submitted to kickstarter. 


We can contact and upload to kickstarter as soon as we get at least 2 strategic scenes that have excellent production value as well as the best takes creatively. The scenes will be scored and edited and play as a  trailer.   A seasoned producer is working on this project, so quality is understood.  The intention is to have a 1.5 hour piece that can be submitted to quality film festivals in feature category either by end of year or early 2014, depending on how fast post goes. 


A Digital Cannon 5D SLR Mark II or Mark III or 6D  is the camera we will have.  If there is anyone out there who knows that camera plus has creative confidence, instincts and preferably any kind of footage and is ok working maybe 3 hours a day for a short 15 day shoot--  please email and/or send footage.  


In emailing, please email name, phone number and a few good times to contact and someone will get back to you.   


We also would love to hear from people who know lighting--  preferably the same person who knows the Digital Cannon camera.  


And we need a sound person.


This is a creative endeavor;  please understand that we feel we will get funding on kickstarter because of our large email base and the film groups we are part of around the country, and that when we do, we will pay tech, but the funding is not a certainty. 


We cannot get back to anyone who does not email name, contact information and best times to be reached.   Please email  Thank you!   



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