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Borderlands' SUMMERTIME! Pre-Season/Flex Pass SPECIAL!


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Take a Look at Borderlands' 

13-14 Season! 


$60 Summertime Season/Flex Pass Special!  Save up to 32%

 off regularly priced tickets until July 14th!






Borderlands examines our road traveled; the journey behind and the path ahead.

Come with us as change nips
at our heals; we take lyrical flights into the abyss; dance
to the music of captivity; and listen to obscured voices through the eyes of youth. 

Who knows the many encounters we will have as
we move forward into
unknown territory.


$60 Summertime SEASON/FLEX  

PASS Special!

Order your 13-14 Season/Flex Pass
before July 14, 2013 at the discounted price of only $60, and we will waive the $3 bank processing fee!  A savings of up to 32% off regularly priced tickets!

4 Shows or punches for only $60! 

Regular 13-14 Season/Flex price: $65 plus $3 bank service fee.  Single tickets up to $22 with various discounts available ($88 for season) 







Reservation Line: 520-882-7406


-Call and Purchase with  

Visa or Master card 


-Send check or money order (made out to Borderlands Theater), with corresponding number of passes and total: Borderlands Theater   

P.O. Box 2791

Tucson, AZ  85702


-Visit us online at:  






A New Play by George Brant

NNPN Rolling World Premiere

An F16 fighter pilot whose pregnancy ends her
carer in the sky, is re-assigned to maneuver drones from an air-conditioned trailer near Vegas.
Grounded flies from the heights of lyricism;
targeting our assumptions about war, family
and the power of storytelling.

October 10-20, 2013 

Zuzi's Theater (738 N. 5th Avenue)

(dates subject to change at this time)




A Tucson Pastorela

by the Pastorela Ghost Writers 
A family tradition for the 18th year! 
Shepherds, Sheep and Dog trek to Belen guided by

La Estrella.  Their journey is fraught with
perils, temptations and scary Diablos, but also fueled by hope, love, glorious Archangels and singing Kings!     

December 19-20, 2013

TCC Leo Rich Theater ( 260 S. Church Ave.)





Encounters at the Borderline/  

Encuentros en la Frontera: 

Two Transnational Productions with el Circulo Teatral (Mexico City) and Borderlands'


Maria's Circular Dance/ 

 La Danza Circular de Maria
by Medardo Trevino   

Maria, a Colombian immigrant, and Angelito, her kidnapper, whirl into a frenzied dance where dreams and reality, terror and courage, dissolve.    


Trash by Kara Hartzler

From the playwright of AZ: No Roosters in the Desert, comes a companion play to Maria's Circular Dance. 
A female prison guard holds the fate of a male detainee in her hands as they see each other mirrored in the face of the other.           

Both plays performed together: 

February 13 - March 2, 2014
Zuzi's Theater  (738 N. 5th Avenue) 





Burning Patience 

 by Antonio Skarmeta 

In this sweet and funny play, Chilean poet Pablo Neruda "lends" his poetry to Mario, a young letter carrier, so he can conquer the heart of his beloved Beatriz.  This poetic play was adapted for the Academy Award winning film, "Il Postino."

March 27- April 13, 2014
Zuzi's Theater (738 N. 5th Avenue)








How to Order?

Call the Reservation Line: 520-882-7406 

and order over the phone with a credit card        

Send check or money order (made out to Borderlands Theater), with
the corresponding number of passes being purchased, and total amount to: Borderlands Theater, P.O. Box 2791   Tucson, AZ  85702

Visit us online at: and purchase
through our website (look for Summertime Season/Flex Pass Special) 



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