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Odyssey Storytelling Presents: Breaking Free!


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Subject: July 12--Odyssey Storytelling Presents: Breaking Free!


Friday, July 12th, 2013

Show at 7 p.m., Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


Fluxx Studios & Gallery, 416 E. 9th St., Tucson, $7


Tales about breaking the law, protesting, civil disobedience, sticking it to the Man. Speaking truth to power because the truth will set you free. Wikileaks. Prism. Whistle blowers. Outcasts. Deviants. "Freedom!" What is right is not always popular, what is popular is not always right. When have you broken the rules?


Storytellers: Sweat lodge facilitator Reverend Ann Marie Clock; mental health therapist Diane Delp; social worker and musician Adam Maltby; researcher, statistician, and activist Dr. Kat Sinclair; dreamer, author and roller skater Nico Ratoff; rule breaker and politician Mohur Sarah Sidhwa; and activist Raúl Al-qaraz Ochoa.


Fluxx Studios and Gallery is located just off 4th Avenue, near the underpass to Congress Street, across the street from the Shanty. ALL AGES WELCOME. Parking is free on the street.


See our website for information on this month's storytellers!


Since 2004, Odyssey Storytelling has marched forth entertaining, inspiring and enlightening Tucson through stories from regular folks like you. Get involved as a teller or a listening—stories that are not heard are not stories. All ages are invited, but stories are never censored.


"That's how people live, . . . by telling stories. What's the first thing a kid says when he learns how to talk? 'Tell me a story.' That's how we understand who we are, where we come from. Stories are everything.                                         ~ Middlesex by Jeffery Eugenides






To submit your story for consideration, send us a one paragraph synopsis of your story and a brief bio about you.


The themes are meant to be interpreted from a broad range of perspectives. If you are shy about telling a story, we give lots of support and helpful hints. There is a rehearsal a week before the event to run through the stories, get feedback, meet the other storytellers and enjoy some munchies. More themes coming up:


August 1: Saved by the Bell; School Stories

September 5: Wild Kingdom: Animal Encounters

September 19: Tradiciones y Transiciones/ Traditions and Transitions (Latin Pride Event in partnership with Wingspan)

October 3: The Spontaneous! Show (Collaboration with Tucson Improv Movement)

November 7: Revenge: Stories of Getting Even

December 5: Big Bad Words: The B*tch Show


Odyssey Storytelling creating connections ~ one story at a time


Odyssey Storytelling is a program of StoryArts Group, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization.  Learn more about us at


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