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Etcetera Series at Live Theatre Workshop presents: The Singles' Field Guide to A**holes I've Dated

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a new work of theatre conceived by Maryann Green

Developed by Hunter Hnat, Matt Reynolds, Nicolette Shaffer-Fillipi and Ally Tanzillo

part of the Etcetera Series at Live Theatre Workshop

July 23rd and 30th, 2016 10:30 pm

It started with a title. The title brewed in the playwright's head for a few years. Stories were collected.

Interviews were conducted. Data was gathered. Memories were dredged up.
Tears were shed. Part documentary, part informative nature lecture series, part improv, this show brings to light mistakes we've all made and will probably continue to make until we're lucky enough to find the asshole who's willing to put up with us. Mostly funny, a little painful and sometimes saccharine The Singles' Field Guide To Assholes I've Dated is sure to hit a little too close to home.

Hunter Hnat was last seen as the dumb but adorable Valentine in Beer With The Bard. He is a graduate of the BFA Musical Theatre program at the U of A and is excited to make his debut at Live Theatre Workshop by exploring a day in the life of an asshole. He hopes to move to Chicago and continue his career as an actor, Matt Reynolds is an outgoing, introspective, death-defying recluse which may be why you haven't seen him on stage since the 2013 Tucson Fringe Festival production of "Twitterpated." A self-described seducer of unsuspecting blondes, Matt was a veritable font of knowledge on the subject of the show. He spends his days writing the great American novel and his nights praying he doesn't get another speeding ticket. Ally Tanzillo is a robot created to study local theatre productions. Her formative human interactions were the basis for the film Nell starring Jodie Foster (she was never credited).

Over time, she learned love and will soon self-destruct as a direct result. She hopes you enjoy her contribution to the show. Nicolette Shaffer-Fillipi would like to thank that asshole who told her in high school that she'd never make it in theatre. Because of them, she now produces a modest musical theatre comedy troupe. So suck it, naysayers! As of press time, she has officially retired from dating assholes.

Maryann Green has been weaseling her way out of the classroom at Rincon and University High School, where she's been the drama teacher for seventeen years, and into the "fringes" of the Tucson professional and community theatre scene. Green sits on the Board of Directors for the Tucson Fringe Theatre Festival, and is still reeling (literally and figuratively) from her second annual Beer With The Bard pub crawl. She regularly spins yarns with Female Storytellers and Odyssey Storytelling and is proud to be at the helm of LTW's Etcetera


Live Theatre Workshop

5317 E. Speedway Blvd.

Saturday July 23rd, Saturday July 30th

10:30pm (aprox. running time 50 min)

Maryann Green, show creator

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