Thursday, August 23, 2018

TIM Comedy Theater 3V3 Finale


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TIM Comedy Theater

3V3 Improv Tournament

It all comes down to this...  The Fantastic Five take the stage in their attempt to be the World Champion 3V3 improv team.  The Vegas betting odds are in, and each team will try to beat the spread in the number of laughs they get. You must be in the audience to vote for your favorite improv trio at this year's 3v3 Tournament, it's like a middle school student council election, but the stakes are much higher!

Saturday night's competitors:
Triple Indemnity: W. Eric RauAmy Molla SelegueMatt Tropman
Performance Evaluation: Jessica HillMike SchillingJustin Lukasewicz
Chocolate Wheatie Things: Rafi Herreras-ZinmanSusan LittlelionGerry Morgan
Rough Around the Curves: Sue JonesNicole M. RiesgoAmelia Amie Gabusi
Pitch, Please!: Chloe JacksonMichael AreinoffCzarina Nafarrate




This Week's Show Schedule

Friday Night
7:30 PM - Improv Happy Hour (Improv 201 Student Showcase & the Riveters)
9 PM - The Soap Box with Deedra Abboud

Saturday Night
7:30 PM - Laugh Tracks + The Game Show Show
9 PM - 3V3 Improv Tournament Finale







The Match Game on Hiatus

Thank you for a fun summer of matching the stars!  The wildly popular Match Game is back on hiatus.  Hopefully we don't need to wait as long as the end of the show in the 70's for Alec Baldwin to come back and revive it again on the TIM stage. 




The Game Show Show pits contestants against each other in this improvised show Saturday night at 7:30pm with fabulous prizes*! 

*Prizes are not fabulous




Stand Up Comedy this Friday at 10:30pm, featuring newbies from our stand up classes and grizzled veterans from the Tucson comedy scene!



The Soap Box is TIM's flagship show, Friday nights at 9 PM!




TCAF4 Coming your way this November!


Tucson Improv Movement

414 E 9th Street

Tucson, AZ 85705



Tucson Theatre Announcement List for subscription information



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