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ZUZI! Dance: Fly Into Fall with ZUZI! classes and workshops


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ZUZI! Dance


Fall Classes Begin September 10th




Aerial Trapeze Dance

Students combine dance with low-flying single point trapeze in a supportive & safe environment. In addition to learning aerial skills, students work on incorporating floor dancing with aerial, building spatial awareness, trust, & cooperation. All levels welcome.


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Beginning Aerial Silks


Students explore the basics of aerial silks. Our goal is to gain familiarity and comfort with the silks. Students will learn poses and build a basic foundation of skills required to start a path in aerial silks. No prior aerial experience needed.


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Physically Integrative Creative Dance

This is a bi-weekly integrated dance class geared towards movers of all levels, experience, ages, and abilities. These inclusive classes offer a unique way for all movers to experience the joys of dance & movement through creative dance group improvisation. 


* Classes Begin October 1


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Contemporary Dance


Develop and tone your muscles and core, while enhancing your sense of flow and coordination in space and rhythm. Gain some solid technical skills that you can apply to any dance form, while also contributing and understanding your own creative style.


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Improvisational Dance

No prior dance experience needed. These classes are designed to encourage movement expressions through improvisation techniques. Students will be guided through movement explorations to build self awareness, expand movement vocabulary and discover new ways to dance. Together we create an inclusive, participatory and collaborative environment where each dancer can contribute his/her unique creative energy to the group.


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Skinner Releasing


No experience is necessary to enjoy this innovative approach to creativity and the healing arts (yoga, body work etc.) which promotes postural alignment, movement efficiency, and tension reduction. This class weaves poetic imagery, music & tactile exercises to integrate the whole self and tap into the creative process for each individual.


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Awareness Through Movement® (ATM) lessons are an amazing way to learn to move with more confidence, elegance and power and improve the quality of all your actions. Specific verbally guided movement sequences present an opportunity to recognize personal movement habits that enable you to move well and also those that interfere with your intentions. The lessons range from early learning of infants and children to highly complex skills required for sports, yoga, performing arts and the martial arts. An atmosphere of non-judgment allows individuals of a wide range of ages and abilities to learn at their own pace.


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Aerial Dance Choreography


This class is an approach to aerial dance through choreography (making your own dances) both in the aerial and on the floor, in a supportive and fun environment. We will explore approaching the trapezes as a way to create crafted solo dances within an image based landscape. Formal aspects of trapeze technique will also be addressed as needed but the majority of the class will be compositional and experiential. Aerial experience is required to attend these classes.



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We'd like to welcome Lorena Carrion to the ZUZI! family...

Lorena will be teaching Adult Contemporary Dance this fall!


She graduated as a Dancer and Professor of Modern and Contemporary Dance at the Vocational Art School in Cuba in 2003 and has taught and studied in Cuba, Spain, Venezuela, United States, and Mexico.

Currently, she is an independent dancer and is studying at Pima Community College in the ESL program. She believes dance brings discipline, responsibility, and respect as a way of life and that passion for dance brings one closer to the world of sensitivity and perception.







ZUZI! Happenings




"No Frills" is an opportunity for local choreographers to show new work or work in progress. As the name suggests, there really are no frills… fancy lights, no fancy sets….just dancers, choreographers, experimentation, and a great show!

"No Frills" has become a popular venue for youth performers, schools, and youth choreography, and has continued to be an important venue for local choreographers to showcase new work, which can be quite experimental in nature.


Saturday, November 3rd, will showcase independent adult choreographers as well as youth performances. This showcase is truly about the process, so that you do not have to have a finished product to show your work.


We'd like to invite you to consider showing your work on one of these shows!


If you are interested in showcasing work, please contact Nanette at, Attn: ZUZI! No Frills or call (520) 629-0237.


All submissions are due on October 13th



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Youth Solstice Workshop

We are looking for experienced Youth Aerial Dancers ages 8-15 to be a part of our annual Solstice Performance 


Versatility and a willingness & commitment to DANCE, with all of its rigor and fun, is necessary! Experience in improvisation, aerial, and partnering is a plus. Dancers must currently be enrolled in an Aerial Class and have some dance experience.






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Solstice Community Workshop

Men and women of all ages and experiences are invited to participate in this 5 week workshop that combines dance, writing, and poetry. The use of playful improvisation scores & choreographic structures will culminate in performance at ZUZI! Solstice Celebration.





As a non-profit, we depend on you to keep us moving so we can keep you moving...










ZUZI! mission is to illuminate and empower personal expression, particularly for those who do not have full agency for their internal voices. Our classes and camps, our biannual No Frills variety show, biannual Solstice Concerts, Community Workshops, Residencies, and the many dance and theater groups, all support individuals and groups in creating live art.


We believe dance is the voice of the soul and that individual perspectives shared and shaped with others create a healthy community. Your contributions are what allow us to continue our work. Your direct financial contribution, which is fully tax-deductible, will make it possible for ZUZI! to continue to develop the creativity and identity of our community.


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738 N 5th Ave in the Historic Y - (520) 629-0237 -



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