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Tucson: Auditions for Spanish-Language Children's Film

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Subject: Auditions for Spanish-Language Children's Film

Please pass this on to your fellow actors! Thank you!

Casting: Latino/a Actors for Spanish Language Children's Film in Tucson,

We are seeking Latino/Latina actors for a short UA student film, 16mm
color/sync sound, primarily in Spanish shot entirely in South Tucson.

Production Dates: February 18th/19th, 2006

Audition Dates: February 4th, 2006 12:00-6:00pm, 1103 East 2nd Street, UA
campus, Harvill building, room 115.

Synopsis: Diego is a sweet 9-year-old boy who just so happens to be a
After escaping from his bedroom in search of sesos, he finds himself at a
south Tucson playground, the only guest to little Flor's birthday party.
12-year-old Flor is as much as an outcast as her newly acquired "friend."
The ability to look past their differences earns each of them a new
companion and a life lesson on friendship.

- DIEGO - (Latino, 8 to 11 years old): A sweet little "Zombito" yearning for
friendship and brains! Must be fluent in both English and Spanish.
- FLOR - (Latina, 12-14 years old): Birthday girl, an outcast in her own
right with her oversized glasses and messy hair. She is, of course
underneath her awkward exterior, a girl at heart, wanting friendship and
attention. MUST speak Spanish and English fluently.
- MAMI - (Latina, Late 20's - Late 30's): Diego's single/working mom who has
unconditional love for her little zombie.
- AMANDA - (Any Type, 10 to 14 years old) The "popular" girl who has an
encounter with Diego after making fun of his new friend. English speaking
- GIRLS - (Ages 10-14) Friends of Amanda, English speaking parts.
- PARTY GUESTS - (All Types, pref. Latino/a, Adults Ages 30-40): The adult
guests of Flor's birthday, as no other kids have shown up.

The film is non-paying, non-union (but SAG actors are welcome to audition)
but meals will be provided and cast will receive DVD and invitation to the
public screening at completion of the film.

For audition information or any further questions -

please contact Rebecca Skeels Trujillo
Dan Hart at

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