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Tucson: Cast and Crew call for 2 films (Old Tucson Studios)

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Subject: Re: HUGE CASTING CALL 3 movies (TUCSON/Old Tucson Studios)

Auditions for Cast and Crew interviews for two high quality films written
and directed by IX, will be held at 12 Noon Saturday, Feb. 4th on the U of A
Campus room # 115 in the Harvill building, 1103 E. 2nd St. Call before 11 am
if you need directions (my cell won't work once I'm in the building).

Crew positions are available for both films as well. Resumes and Headshots
are NOT required but would be helpful. 520-237-9665

A. "Margie"- A period film that will be shot at Old Tucson Studio's,
Mescal site. The true story of a little girl who survived the robbery of
her father's general store, that left both of her parents dead. The events
occurred in 1921 Ruby, Arizona. This will be a 5-minute short film and will
consist of a 3-5 day shoot.

This film (and all others) are Student Films for the Advanced Film Making
classes at the U of A, therefore we are working with limited budgets.
However, I am not kid and have worked professionally in the field for many
years. The shoots will be professional in quality and Production. The
limited budget of our student films will for allow actor compensation to be
the following: a DVD of the final project, meals during production periods,
transportation to and from the site and Tucson and a public performance
(viewing) of the final film on a large theatre screen...and of course on
screen credit. This film will be shown at film festivals worldwide and will
be used to gain funds for the feature length film.

Characters Needed:

1. Margie Pearson- LEADING ROLE- 4 year old. Actress must possess
exceptional skill. For this reason, we will also be interviewing children as
old a 6 that can pass for younger children. Preferably she should have red
hair and freckles.... though this is not a must. Her performance will carry
the piece so skill is the most important feature we will be looking for.
2. Frank Pearson-45 years old shop keep, very religious and disciplined 3.
Myrtle Pearson-28 year old teacher.
4. Silvas- 25-30 year old LATINO
5. Martinez- 25-30 year old LATINO
would be ideal, but we can apply contacts.
7. Latino Male- 20-45
8. Latino Male- 20-45
9. Latino Male- 20-45
10. Latino Male- 20-45

B. "Privileged Information"- An FBI agent is caught in a conspiracy
threatens the life of the witness he is supposed to protect...big twist
ending with the conspiracy leading all the way to the Oval Office.

Characters needed:

1. Oscar Ochoa- 30-40 Latino FBI Agent- Little overweight-he's been stuck
behind a desk for 8 years- physically he's not entirely up to the task of
witness protection, but he's very smart and not afraid to take action when

2. Mina Kioja- 25-35 Black woman. Mina is the witness in under protection.
However, her real objective must be fulfilled as an undercover CIA agent.

3. Henry-30-45 year old male. Double role as a redneck cowboy and lead CIA
operative. Very versatile part.

4. Brandy- 20-30 year old woman. Double role as redneck bar fly and CIA

5. Vincent- 18-60 year old male. Night clerk at a hole in the wall Motel.
Very nervous and sweaty.

6. CIA Thug #1-30-45 yr. old- preferably balding- non-speaking role

7. CIA Thug #1-30-45 yr. old- preferably balding- non-speaking role

8. Tommy- 40ish Female- voice over only

9. Voice At The Other End- 30-60 yr. old Male. voice over only

Auditions will be held at the University of Arizona in the Harvill Building
# 115 (off of 2nd street one block East of Park Ave.--lower level) from 12
noon to 6pm on February 4th. Headshots are NOT required but would be

Contact IX Mendoza (name pronounced like 9) at or
520-237-9665 if you have any questions or would like to arrange a different
audition time.

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