Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tucson: Cast and Crew call / USC Graduate Thesis Film

From the Tucson Film Office...
USC Graduate Thesis Film Hiring Local Crew
A new film by former Tucsonan-turned-USC-Grad Andy Viner is in need of the following crew: A local Producer, Production Sound, Grips, a Production Designer, a Costume Designer, Hair/Make-Up and PAs. The film, It's Your Birthday, Saul Towner!!! is a comedy in the vein of Jim Jarmusch and J.D. Salinger and will be shot July 8-16 in Tucson, AZ. Shooting Format:
HDCAM or Super 16mm. If interested please send an email to

USC Graduate Thesis Film In Need Of Actors
A new comedy, titled It's Your Birthday, Saul Towner!!! by former Tucsonan-turned-USC-Grad Andy Viner is in need of the following cast:

[SAUL TOWNER] Late 30s, carrying a few extra pounds, charismatic, good comic timing. Vince Vaughn crossed with Philip Seymour Hoffman or the 70's version of Elliot Gould crossed with Peter Sellers. A man who has let himself go, and carries the weight of the world on his shoulders for no apparent reason. His bright future ceased to be when his parents died and left him a successful home building company and the means to do nothing with his life. He appears in the commercials but otherwise does little. Upon his 36th birthday he faces a crisis as he clearly sees the life he's chosen to lead.

[LUCY] 12, precocious, confident, book smart and a real pistol of a girl who has decided now is the appropriate time to consider her feminine side and sexuality. Daughter of Saul's ex-girlfriend Katherine, she looks at Saul as a father figure and comes to him with sex questions.

[ROBERT TURNER] Late 30s, slim, family man, all around good guy. Co-President of Towner & Turner Homes and Saul's best friend.

[KATHERINE] Mid to Late 30s, commanding presence, looks best in a power suit. Lawyer at prestigious law firm in Tucson. Single mother of Lucy and Saul's ex-girlfriend.

[FEMALE PARALEGAL] 20s. Younger version of Katherine. Assistant for now, but has plans for law school.

[FEMALE PINATA STORE OWNER] 20-40S. Latino. Easygoing, small-business owner.

[OFFICE EMPLOYEES] 20-50S. Male and Female workers at prestigious Tucson Home Building Company.

Shooting dates are July 8-16, entirely on location in Tucson, AZ on Super 16mm or HDCAM. Send headshots and resumes electronically to: or hard copies to:

Andy Viner
4121 N. Camino Arco
Tucson, AZ 85718

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