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Tucson: Casting Call, UofA Student short, "Mirage"


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I'm a film student at the U of A looking for three actors and one leading actress for a short film (10 minutes in running time) titled Mirage, which will serve as a visual pitch for a full feature. Below are the physical and characteristic descriptions of the roles.  If you or someone you know fits the bill for any of the characters, I would love to hear from you.


Principle photography: December 2nd-4th and 9th-11th. 


The story is about an attractive young couple enjoying a simple, romantic evening together.  However, everything changes when the lovely young woman reveals that she stood witness to a grisly murder and is now in the witness protection program.  Astonished to discover that everything he thought he knew about his date is a lie, the young man struggles to swallow the startling information and come to terms with the true identity of the woman sitting beside him. 



  • Skye Holloway - ~25 years old.  The lead character.  Initially flirtatious and entranced by the whimsical romance of a first date with Pierce.  Her demeanor drastically changes when the memory of a horrific event and its aftermath surface in the course of playful conversation.  REQUIREMENTS:  Fair complexion, slender build.  Must be able to emulate a delightful Southern drawl. 
  • Pierce DeWitt - 25-30 years old.  The male lead.  A very charming and attractive British man, he sets a seductive mood for Skye and plays the perfect gentleman and host.  Once Skye begins revealing more about who she really is, his attraction to her changes to perplexity and, ultimately, dread.  REQUIREMENTS:  Must stand approximately six feet tall.  Must be able to emulate a flawless British accent. 
  • Stalker - ~Late twenties.  Antagonist.  The ruthless, silent killer of a Man in a flashback sequence as told by Skye to Pierce.  REQUIREMENTS: Must be physically daunting.  Must be able to instill terror and dread without the use of dialogue. 
  • Man - ~45-50.  The unfortunate victim of the Stalker.  Requirements: Must be able to convincingly convey excruciating pain of an unimaginable scale. 

If you are interested or know someone who may be interested in playing one of these roles, please email your head shot and resume to Bijon Bakhshi at:


Being a student film, the compensation will be primarily composed of meals, film credits, and some potentially useful contacts. If you are a SAG applicant, I am willing to arrange Student Film paperwork. 


This project will be screened at a national film festival in 2012. 


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