Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tucson: Casting Call, feature film

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Will apologize ahead of time if this is the incorrect site to post
the following follow up to previous request by Facel Hashim.

Needed asap; one Anglo female to play the lead female role of
'Faith'. 'Faith' is 30-33 years old, the mother of 11 year old Brad.
Prefer a blue eyed, blonde but not necessary.
One Anglo male to play the role of Lt. in small
SouthWest town PD.
One Mexican/American or Native American to play
the role of Sgt.
Martinez in above town.

This is a full feature film shot mostly in Tucson, South Tucson with
some scenes already filmed in San Manuel. There is no nudity or sex

Please contact AL at: or call cell ph
#520-730-4685. If not answered leave message with call back #. Thank
you all.

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