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Tucson: Casting Call, film "Old West"

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Since Novmber 19 when my group and I made a short film about Cowboys a story
by my friend. We filmed at Gammpms Gulch at Benson Arizona. In that day
after we finished shooting i wrote three pages of cowboy film and today i
started writing in it again.. I am leaving Tucson to Middle East in Decmber
28 this month 2011 to make a Documentary movie in one of the cities.

I hope you can help me to find actors for my Cowboy movie that maybe some
could email or call me or even meet me in Monday or the Tusday.
The poject now called Old West and I finish writing the script after two
months. About the movie: it will be one hour and 20 mintues and we will film
it in Decmber 2012 when i can have the budget for it. The filming will be in
three places for some actors the most shooting in
1) Gammons Gulch. 2) in Mount Lemmon 3) near Tucson AZ mountains.

I want 99 actors and i will be one of the actores that is 100 actors for the

About the movie as story line it is a crime mystery in the old west and
there is another thing will apperes from the caves as evil soul getting
inside people making them like zombies but more like evil than the zomies
thing like humans. The story like Lost TV Show that you don't see the
zombies but you see there actions.

1) mine charactor - Jack Grome Detactive come to this town to look for who
killed peoplel / he is 38
2) As me i am Jack's Partner that i help him to find the killer. my name in
the film is Adam Wind my age 27

3) Milcom East Wood the mayor about him he seem good guy from his face but
inside he is bad man. age 60
4) Dominck Laws/ he is the Sheriff he seem good but he is bad and he kill
people. age 45
5) Eva Hunt/ she is the lover of Jack the main charactor and she is 25
6) John Van? little boy he want to be a hero age 13
7) Elena Van the big sister of John and she is the only one left for him age
24 and she love Adam Wind
8) Charlie King Cowboy thife and he is the boss age 40
9) Glen Hummer second camned after Charlie age 38 one to 6 cowboys extra in
the same team with Charlie ages of 27 to 38
10) William Humton / bar tandoori age 40
11) Sarah Humton wife of Willam age 38 help in the bar
12) Alice Humton she clean in the bar age 20 daughter
13) Emma Humton clean in the bar age 19 daughter
14) Anna Humton Willam's Sister help in mange money in the bar age 45
15) Byron Humton Anna Husband he work in the food stor
16) Bill Humton Anna son age 15 trying to be hero
17) Mark Humton age 24 trying to be bad cowboy and he can't keep anyting
from his mother.

about 38 extr actors of men and women and childern these can be families who
like to act.

Native American
1) The older man in the tribe as leader helping Jack to find the kiiler. age
60 or 70 about 20 extra native american men and women and children.

about 10 Apache men Warrior age 24 to 38

Thanks for your help alot

Fadel Abualrahi

Phone : 520-867-2331

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