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Changes in store for Live Theatre Workshop's Etcetera Series...


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For Immediate Release—12 June 2012



TUCSON—Live Theatre Workshop’s Etcetera late night series is about to undergo some creative changes. The series has always been committed to newer works, and that commitment is about to go even further. Under the leadership of Matt Walley & Angela Horchem’s Theatre 3, Etcetera is now all about, according to Walley, “original works created by an ensemble.” There won’t be any royalties going out to artists outside of the city--all of that money will stay local! In fact, nearly every artist associated with the upcoming Etcetera season is from Tucson. Most of the shows in the season will be created in Tucson. And all of the shows will be performed by their original creators.


Starting in July of 2012, Angela Horchem will take over the reins as Producing Artistic Director of the Etcetera series. She and Co-Artistic Director Matt Walley will lead their ensemble Theatre 3 to create new work for the Etcetera stage. Horchem & Walley graduated from the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre where they studied Commedia dell’Arte, mask, clown, acrobatics, and movement. Before moving to Tucson, they appeared on stages across the country from New York to Chicago to California. In Tucson, Walley can be found teaching theatre at the University of Arizona, and Horchem teaching performance at The Art Institute of Tucson. They are both company members at The Rogue Theatre and have appeared on other Tucson stages. They also co-founded Clown, R.N., a clown therapy program serving local medical facilities. Creating together since 2009, they bring a passion for character, love for the physical, and spirit of exploration and discovery to all of their work.


Their company, Theatre 3, specializes in ensemble-created work. Theatre 3 was responsible for bringing WONDERHEADS!, an evening of full-face mask, to the Etcetera stage back in 2010. In 2011, it focused on teaching workshops in physical theatre and ensemble creation and began to work with local Tucson theatre makers. Finally, in 2012, the ensemble created a Commedia dell’Arte performance, SOY FORMAGGIO, which played at the University of Arizona and The Rogue Theatre. 


What exactly is “ensemble-created work”? In short, it is plays that are collaboratively developed by a group of actor-creators. According to Horchem, “Sometimes we start with a story. Sometimes we start with a theme. Sometimes we start with a character. Sometimes we just start with the people in the room. Regardless of where we start, each person in the ensemble brings a special skill set, point of view, or experience. We are each responsible for the logic of the play and the creation of the art. Together, we create a theatre experience to share with the community.”


The 2012-13 Etcetera season will be a blend of several different styles of performance. Theatre 3 will kickoff the season with a show on the LTW main stage. The artists of Theatre 3 will enter the room in early August to Cr3ate: An Evening of Original Shorts! The final product, slated to perform at the end of September, will be a variety show that draws from the wide talents of the Theatre 3 ensemble, and could include anything from music to clown to physical comedy to dance. “The exciting part” Walley says, “is that, when you have this much talent in the room, you don’t know where the piece will end up. I mean, you have a good idea when you walk into the space. But the ensemble will take it, tear it apart, build it up again.” “Yes,” agrees Horchem, “The ensemble makes it better than you can imagine on your own.”


The remainder of the 2012-13 Etcetera season has some exciting surprises in store. Be prepared for masked Commedia dell’Arte actors to return to Tucson in February; that is, if a group of eccentric characters are able to save Tucson from the apocalypse in December. There will also be some full-face masks, clown, and many other varied performance styles.


For more information, or to join the mailing list and receive real-time updates, please write to Angela at angela@theatre-3.com. The full season will soon be released at http://livetheatreworkshop.org/shows/etcetera.html






WHAT: Etcetera presents Cr3ate: An Evening of Original Shorts by Theatre 3

WHEN: Invited Preview September 27. Runs Sep 28-30 and October 5-7.  Thu-Sat evenings at 7:30 PM & Sunday afternoons at 3:00 PM

WHERE: Live Theatre Workshop, 5317 E Speedway

ON-SITE CONTACT: Angela Horchem, 347.870.9834, angela@theatre-3.com



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