Monday, July 31, 2017

Old Pueblo Playwrights, Monday open meeting / new play reading

Annnnd...what's coming up on Monday? Another reading! New member Mel Hector is bringing in the intriguingly titled "St. Beseenya" for reading and discussion. Come down and check it out!


OPP brings in folks from time to time to do presentations or workshops of interest to local playwrights, be they OPP members or not (we always welcome guests--no charge!). Save a spot on your calendar for Monday, August 21st, when we will be joined by Scott Charles, a California playwright bringing his script "Dinners With Augie" to the Old Pueblo for a full production with local talent. Stay tuned for more details!


Old Pueblo Playwrights


Next meeting: Monday, July 31st, 7:00 p.m.

ATC Rehearsal Hall (upstairs, behind the Cabaret Theater

at the Temple of Music and Art

330 S. Scott

Downtown Tucson



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