Friday, March 28, 2008

Tucson: Locations needed for short film

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Hello!  Looking to get something for this weekend/following week, if 

possible, for the following locations:


* "Courtroom"


* "Two-way mirror / Interrogation room"


* One of those glass window rooms at a police station where an inmate 

can talk to his lawyer/visitors on a phone while looking at them 

through a glass window.



Obviously, I'm not expecting to get the 'real world' counterparts for 

these locations.  Creativity is preferred.  I'd love to hear from 

anybody that thinks they know of a good lookalike for any of these.  

Or if you happen to work at a county court/sheriff's office that would 

be great, too!


There aren't any on-screen characters.  It's all VO.







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