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Tucson: LTW's ETCETERA presents "Close"r By Patrick Marber



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Live Theatre Workshop's
Late Night Series, Proudly Presents


By Patrick Marber


 The University of Arizona’s Students on Stage is producing “Closer”, written by  Patrick Marber, as a part of Live Theatre Workshop’s Late Night Series.  “Closer”, made popular by the 2004 movie, is a disarming tale about the  complexity and ugliness of love. The play has fundamental differences to the  movie, including the ending, and has different relationship dynamics between  characters. Director Alison Klemp, a junior majoring in Theatre Arts at the  University of Arizona, says that she wants to get back to the root of the play,  the language.  Marber, made famous for his use of language as theatricality,  colors “Closer” with lines such as, “Deception is brutal” and “Ever seen a  human heart? It looks like a fist wrapped in blood.”


 â€œCloser” explores society’s obsession with love and devotion. It \chronicles four  years in the lives of four ordinary people living in London. Marber discovers the hurt and depravity that comes hand in hand with love and ends the play with  a devastatingly ironic tone. Under Alison Klemp’s direction, a team of  talented students has breathed new life into this production.


April 11 - 26 2008
Friday and Saturday Nights at 10:30 pm
Admission: $8 - $11 (Discounts Available)
Call 327-4242 for Reservations and Info
5317 E Speedway Tucson, AZ 85712


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