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Tucson: CASTING CALL - TWO University of Arizona Media Arts BFA Thesis short films


Date: 2010-09-08, 11:27AM MST
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We are looking to fill roles for TWO University of Arizona Media Arts BFA Thesis short films: 

'Hi-Fi Alibi' - A popular radio DJ plots to murder his wife after convincing himself that she is sleeping with the mailman. After finding evidence that his wife is cheating on him with the mailman, popular radio DJ, and notorious hothead, Don decides to murder his wife and frame her fellow adulterer. Don concocts an alibi that will place him at work during the time of his wife?s murder, but not everything goes as planned. 

'Housewarming' - The Donovan family has just settled into a new house, and Elora, the typical rebellious teenager, is less than happy about it. When her parents host a housewarming dinner, Elora struggles to recognize that ?home? is not about where you are, but whom you?re with. 

We are looking for the following: 


DON - 25-35, Caucasian Male; Radio DJ with a big on-air personality, off air Don is insecure with a short fuse. Don is constantly concerned that his wife Sharon is unfaithful. Once Don is convinced that Sharon is sleeping with their mailman (Jim), he is driven to murderous intent. [ Lead Role ] 

SHARON - 25-35, Caucasian Female; Don?s attractive, yet plain wife, Sharon truly loves Don, but has grown increasingly annoyed with his insecurities. When Don insinuates that Sharon might be stepping out with their mailman (Jim) she is very dismissive with him. [ Supporting Role ] 

LARRY- 40-50, Caucasian Male; Don?s boss and owner of KITL Radio Station, Larry is a Large man in stature with a very intimidating demeanor. Larry is all business all the time. His world revolves around the success of his station. Larry forces Don to work the night shift, and listens intently to his radio in order to ensure no hiccups occur. [ Supporting Role ] 

JIM- 25-35, Caucasian Male; Don?s and Sharon?s mailman, Jim is extremely attractive and muscular. He is very personable, and always has a smile. Don thinks that Jim is sleeping with his wife (Sharon). [ Supporting Role ] 



ELORA - 16, female; is the average 16-year-old girl, a socialite with a touch of typical teenage egocentrism. After her family relocates to a new city, Elora is devastated about leaving her life behind. During a housewarming dinner, she rebelliously acts out against her mother, Kate. PROTAGONIST. 

MITCHELL - 17, male; is a young man with an unspoken burden. He knows that his father, Uncle Jim, is cheating on his mother, Aunt Helen, even though both of them pretend that everything?s ok. He now sees himself as the ?man? in Aunt Helen?s life, so it is his responsibility to watch out for her. STRONG SUPPORTING. 

KATE - >40, female; is Elora?s mother. She and her husband George have spent six years waiting for the perfect home to come along. Now that they?re finally settled into their dream house, Kate struggles to deal with her unhappy teenage daughter, Elora, as she rebels during a housewarming dinner. STRONG SUPPORTING. 

AUNT HELEN - >40, female; is Kate?s sister and Mitchell?s mother. While she is naturally a happy person, knowing that her husband Uncle Jim is cheating on her is taking its toll, even as she tries to bury her feelings. SUPPORTING. 

GEORGE - >45, male; is Kate?s husband and Elora?s father. He and his family have just moved into their dream home. He loves Kate with all his heart. SUPPORTING WITH SHORT DIALOGUE. 

OLD AUNT - >80, female; is Uncle Jim?s mother, a frail, almost frightening woman who comes to family events mostly for the free food. SUPPORTING WITH SHORT DIALOGUE. 

UNCLE JIM - >45, male; is Aunt Helen?s husband and Mitchell?s father. He is cheating on Aunt Helen and knows that their marriage is over. However, for her sake, he puts on a show for the family. SUPPORTING, NO DIALOGUE. 

Compensation will include meals and full credit - please contact us for more information. Come join a team of award-winning, upcoming filmmakers. Films are typically screened in May at the famous Fox Theater in downtown Tucson. 

Auditions will be held at the Louise Foucar Marshall Building at 845 N. Park Ave, Room #211. 
Auditions will take place between 9am - 1pm. We encourage you to call ahead to schedule in a time! 
Please contact Everett via e-mail at OR phone at (520) 233-8828. 

·         Location: Central

·         it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

·         Compensation: no pay


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