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Tucson: Cartoon Camp at Live Theatre Workshop


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TUCSON— Matt Walley & Angela Horchem, graduates of the acclaimed Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre and the artists behind Illegitimate Theatre Ensemble and Clown, R.N. (a clown therapy program for patients at Diamond Children's Medical Center), will lead a week-long intensive camp in "Cartoon Theatre" at Live Theatre Workshop August 1-5, 2011.


"Cartoon Theatre" is the realm of the eccentric character and his or her hilarious interactions with the surrounding physical world. It's the Trickster (Road Runner) in control and always stepping out of danger. It's the Fool (Wile E. Coyote) always failing miserably and getting up to try again--to the delight of the audience! It's Bill Irwin (a.k.a. Mr. Noodle) and Jim Carrey, and it's the timeless appeal of Lucille Ball, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, the Three Stooges, or Looney Tunes. These names represent the vast realm of eccentric character and physical comedy: "Cartoon Theatre."


The workshop will focus on principles--such as trips, slips, falls, the Slow Burn, the White Moment, and the magic of 3's--as well as performance. By the end of the week, all participants will create a unique character and work in collaboration with other performers to devise an original, physical, FUNNY performance to be shared with the public on August 5.


For more information on eligibility or to register, please contact Michael Martinez: For more information about course content, please contact Angela:


Matt Walley & Angela Horchem graduated from the Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre where they studied Commedia dell'Arte, mask, clown, acrobatics, and movement. They have appeared on stages across the country from New York to Chicago to California. Their flagship production, I Hate ♥, marked their first foray into the realm they call "Cartoon Theatre," and was met with wide celebration among its initial audiences. In Tucson, they have worked with various companies including Live Theatre Workshop and The Rogue among others. Whether approaching Shakespeare or an original, devised work, they bring a passion for character, love for the physical, and spirit of exploration and discovery.



HOW MUCH: $225 for the week

WHAT: "Cartoon Theatre" led by physical comedy artists Matt Walley & Angela Horchem

WHO: Kids ages 8-18; first-come, first-serve basis

WHEN: August 1-5, 2011; 8 AM-5 PM; Final performance August 5 at 4 PM

WHERE: Live Theatre Workshop, 5317 E Speedway

ON-SITE CONTACT: Michael Martinez, (520) 327-4242


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