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Casting Call, Actress for Central Role in Music Video

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 Actress Sought for Central Role in Music Video

Actress sought for central role in Music Video: Age Range 25-35 No Nudity
Please include your Headshots and Video Clips if you have them.
Thank you for your interest. 


Video Concept and Treatment for The Soul Be Found

By Daemon Lover

Video Concept: The Soul Be Found

The Concept of this video follows a parallel story of two lovers separated by ten years of random separation. Man returns to his hometown after many years, decides to look up his old high school sweetheart.

Begins to visit the old places they used to hang out, The old movie theater, clubs restaurants,pool halls, ect. Realizes that his hometown has changed. Something is Missing, Something is Wrong.

In Parallel The Woman has lost her way in life. Has become a Prostitute. Dominated by Pimps, Alcoholism, and Hard Times

The Woman is desperately clinging on to her dignity and character. She knows something is missing, she knows something is wrong.

Man Discovers Woman after long search through city, asking family and friends where his long lost love is.

Man is beat up by pimps trying to contact his long lost love

After his humiliation, Woman rises up against her oppressor, manhandling him with his own gun, and walking out, taking a friend or two with her.

The two happily reunited begin a new life.

Video Treatment: This song is about redemption. The Look of the video should be random and fragmented full of images that depicting an archatypology about sex, abandonment, and loss. We are telling a story about rebirth. Discovering the past and realizing that the love and happiness that existed there once is in still somewhere resting in the future. The objective in the story is to show how so many years can be wasted on selfish ambition but in the end our lives can find purpose.

There should be some comprehensive structural tension in the video, to build a vision of fear vs. desire. The human essence of seeking what we desire should be displayed clearly and ferociously. Certain levels of violence and eroticism should intersect in the imagery, keep in mind that this is a music video, there will be no nudity or graphic violence but the video will have a raw look to it.

The male and the female roles should be adequately emphasized in their singular capacity and accentuated in their own light, then combined, thrown into one another, a random collision of chaos and savage beauty.

There should be a classic display of boy meets girl and happy ending. But Ultimately this video should be a spectecal for the eye, a five minute thirty second Hollywood feature about lust, desire, and salvation. 

Ultimately this video will be up to the actors, actresses and camera persons to deliver something authentic and visually captivating, telling a story about passion and unbridled rugged humanity at its best and worse, revealing the unexpected and unpredictable element in the human experience.

All interested parties should listen to the song and read the lyrics, and make it their personal mission to bring the song to life. 

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