Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 Tucson Fringe Festival Shows and Schedule

2014 Festival Shows and Schedule

Friday, September 12th

6PM: Hers and His @ Club Congress

7:15PM: Slideshow Fairytales @ Fluxx

7:30PM: Time, Gentlemen, Please @ Club Congress

8:45PM: Burlesque Vanguard @ Fluxx

Saturday, September 13th

2:15PM: Level Up! @ Fluxx

2:30PM: Time, Gentlemen, Please @ Club Congress

3:45PM: Walken in His Shoes @ Fluxx

4:00PM: Burlesque Vanguard @ Club Congress

5: 15PM: A Little Bumpy Air @ Fluxx

6:45PM Crazy Standup by A Grownup (FREE) @ Fluxx

7:00PM For All The Good It Would Do @ Fluxx

8:15PM: Crazy Standup by A Grownup (FREE) @ Fluxx

8:30PM: Zero Sum Game @ Fluxx

Sunday, September 14th

1:00PM: Hers and His @ Club Congress

2:15PM: For All The Good It Would Do @Fluxx

2:30PM: Slideshow Fairytales @ Club Congress

3:45PM: A Little Bumpy Air @ Fluxx

4:00PM: Zero Sum Game @ Club Congress

5:15PM: Level Up! @ Fluxx

6:45PM: Walken in His Shoes @ Fluxx


More info: http://www.tucsonfringe.org/



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