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Big Fat Cat Productions Audition Notice - comedy series


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Audition Notice:


July 19th, 3 to 5pm.  Access Tucson- meeting room to right as you walk into larger lobby, (not front desk area).  


Please note:  If you are really looking for a fairly quick few day shoot,  this would probably not be for you. This would a commitment of several months but not more than five hours per week



Males:             Seeking 2 or 3 actors ANY AGE, any nationality.   Comfortable with improv and comedy.  


Females:   Seeking 1 or 2 actors ANY AGE, any nationality. Comfortable with improv and comedy.  


All attending audition will be given "sides" to read from.  If you have any kind of short comedic bit or a monologue also, great but not necessary.  


What we are doing:   This audition is for actors who are local or will at least be in Tucson for the next three months.   You will be comfortable working in a team.  If you have not seen an episode of The IT Crowd series or an episode of Coupling (another British series),  please try to do so before the audition day.  Many are on You Tube.  


I am NOT trying to duplicate either of the two series, but many of my situation comedy pieces and the bits within each situation have the oddness and intelligence level, (in my opinion of course & because the characters in the two series are either highly intelligent, quirky or both) of the two episodic series above.  SO PLEASE DO WATCH AT LEAST ONE FROM EACH.  If it's not your thing, this type of improv, locking it in on paper, then shooting would probably be uncomfortable for you. 


I am a writer.  I have good enough connections in NY and LA that if we can get 10 very VERY funny episodes on digital, I have a very good shot at selling the series and getting a professional deal-- for everyone involved. I also have a good entertainment atty in LA who knows alot of people and does some marketing.


The concept:   3 main people, a 4th and possibly 5th coming in and out, who are close either by choice or by work situation.  Each person's character is very individual personality-wise and does not in any way resemble any other in the group.  It is not yet clear when the venue is-  florist shop, other type of shop, work-from-home situation, series of adult night classes etc., because a good part of that will depend upon the "types" that will compose the small ensemble.  Also upon what comes available in the way of venue.  Venue may have to be artificially created and can be, in one of the A Tucson studios available weekly. 


I have many 3 to 5 page situations with "bits" within them, which, if we all agree--  will be used.  The situations will be expanded to meet 1/2 hour each, and the situations and bits can change and the bits can expand and be improvised upon.  You will be "owning" your characters and they will naturally develop over time and episode.


I do not care whether you have had previous acting experience.  All that is necessary at this point is that you love comedy and creating comedy with other people who love comedy. 


Please email if you will be attending and provide a phone number if you want to talk by phone, as I may change out the sides depending upon who has interest and what "types" they describe themselves as.  


Note:  what will be created and put onto digital is not intended for local airing. 


Thanks everyone for considering this and see  you there!   Big Fat Cat Productions, LLC.  



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