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Theatre Harmony Ensemble presents THREE TIMES LOVE by George DeRodio - FREE


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Who says there is no such thing as a free lunch???


For one weekend only, Friday July 25 and 26 at 7:00, and Sunday, July 27 at 2:00 at the Comedy Playhouse, 3620 N. 1st Avenue,  Theatre Harmony Ensemble, in Association with The Comedy Playhouse" will present THREE TIMES LOVE by George DeRodio.


THREE TIMES LOVE consists of three one acts each on dealing with different aspects of human love and relationships.


The first one, Gun Play, deals with a stranger, a young man, who attempts to rob a little old lady on the street. He thinks he's tough and he says he has a gun. The little old lady, (Emma Frisky) quickly figures out that what the young boy (Terry) is hungry, but just lonely too.  Together they "bond" in what will become an abstract, but working relationship. The hilarious comedy stars Ina Shivack as Emma and Xander Mason as the young man.


Meanwhile, up in Inwood, is abouanother stranger, this one who appears at a women's door to ask her about her neighbors whereabouts. He is a fish out of water. A tough guy, on the upper east side, with a purpose we are not sure of.  Can these two unmarried people find each other and is the moth of a women getting to close to the flame of this man of the streets. Well, they say that there is always a person for everyone and that sometimes opposites do attract. This "Killing" black comedy stars Mary Davis, as the poor unsuspecting victim Mildred and Michael Sultzbach as Arnold, the mysterious man.


A LETTER FROM COWBOY is the story of the Bacone family. Prodigal son Eugune "Cowboy" Bacone has written a letter to his longtime suffering dad David Bacone that he wants to come home. His brother, Fast Eddie, and his wife Irene are none to happy about this, nor is David's wife, Stella who physically is falling apart. Family dynamic's take over, and in a heartbreaking end a resolution is finally reached. The amazing cast consists of Vincent Flynn, Hilary Pursehouse, Mark Klugheit, Denise Blum, George Cardieri and Kriste Bell.


Michael A. Candela directs the evening, and Alex Cardieri is producing.


Come see this worthwhile evening, free of charge, and support a local playwright who after 86 years is having a first production of his plays. This is a gift to a local artist that can't be missed.


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