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Independent Film Arizona's Television Meeting - free and open to all


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Independent Film Arizona's Tuesday, May 5th Meeting (7 PM, Connect Coworking, 33 South 5th Avenue) will focus on Television.  


Not many years ago a "television" was a unique device that combined a piece of dining room furniture with a cathode ray tube to allow individual viewers to watch a fixed schedule of programing broadcast through the air from three major television networks.  By standing up, walking over to the wooden cabinet, a viewer could turn a knob changing the channel from one network to another (assuming both vertical and horizontal hold were properly adjusted). 


Today "television" refers to a variety of presentations including (but not limited to) watching, in a single sitting, an entire season of programing at a time and place of the viewer's choosing, on a device that is not even called a television (and that neither resembles a piece of furniture nor involves a cathode ray tube of any kind).


The three national broadcast networks that were dominate mid-century have evolved into cable packages with 300 plus channels, competing satellite networks, and the original national broadcast networks and local channels simultaneously offering broadcast, cable and internet presentations.  One cable network -- ESPN has seven variations of its programing.  Another HBO has ten variations on its theme -- including HBO Now -- an internet based streaming service.  Entities such as Netflix and  You Tube (and many others) are television competitors that are difficult to even categorize in traditional television terms.


Over the last 100 years, television (broadcast, cable, satellite, and internet based) has been and continues to be one of the most dominate social medias in the United States.  Television, in all of its iterations, informs, educates, entertains, and plays a major role in shaping opinion and social norms.


IFA's May 5 Television Meeting will address:


1.  What is television today?


2.  What are the roles and importance of locally based television stations?

KVOA (Channel 4 NBC); KOLD (Channel 13 CBS); KGUN (Channel 9 ABC); KUAT (Channel 6 PBS); KMSB (Channel 11 Fox); Access Tucson (Cox 20 and Comcast 74 Public Access);  KUDF (Channel 14 Azteca); KTTV (Channel 18 My Network TV); KFTV (Channel 25 Unimas); KUAS (Channel 27 PBS); KHRR (Channel 40 Telemundo (NBC)); KUVE (Channel 46 Univision); KWBA (Channel 58 CW Network); and PCCTV (Cox 121 and Comcast 97 Pima Community College).


3.  What are the opportunities for independent content producers for television in the twenty-first century?


The IFA Television Meeting.  May 5. (7PM).  Connect Coworking, 33 N. 5th Ave., Tucson.


As always, the meeting is free and open to all.



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