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Tucson: Cast and Crew needed! student film


From: Meghann []
Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2005 1:24 PM
Subject: Cast and Crew needed! please forward

Attention actors, actresses, and aspiring filmmakers!

We are looking for energetic and reliable individuals to fill positions
as cast and crew for a 10-minute student film. Auditions for this "sci-fi"
drama will be held through the first half of October (1st, 9th, 15th) on
campus. Filming begins late November! See attachment for details.

As of now, we need:
Assistant Producer
Assistant Director
Art Director
Costume Designer
Sound Mixer
Still Photographer
Dolly Grip
Script Supervisor
Boom Operator

CAST: At least 10 speaking roles:
"Robert", his dying wife "Leah", a young girl as Leah reincarnated,
neuroscientists, nurse, "Mr. & Mrs. Shaw", young mother of reborn Leah,
public health researcher.

Those who are interested, please contact us as soon as possible and
let others who might be interested know. You may be eligible to receive
College Credit for your work in the piece.

Meghann Barrett (cell) 520-247-5543

Diana Riffe (cell) 520-991-1975
(home) 520-207-0986

Thank you! :)


Robert, a neuroscientist, has been given the chance to take part in an
experiment that may prove conclusively that humans are able to be
reincarnated into another body. Robert is not only interested
scientifically but personally. His wife, suffering from a brain injury and
dying, has provided the team with the first human subject to test their
theory of reincarnation. As Robert wrestles with the implications that this
discovery presents, the team identifies the potential host of his wife's new
soul and more importantly, a way to reawaken the identity of his wife in
this newborn child. Robert races to site of the projected birth in a
selfish attempt to revive the consciousness of his wife, blind to the
meaning behind this discovery for the rest of humanity. In the end, Robert
grows as a person, but still misses the far-ranging implications of this
knowledge and its potential to unify human beings around the world.



Assistant Producer
Assistant Director
Art Director
Costume Designer

Sound Mixer
Still Photographer
Dolly Grip
Script Supervisor
Boom Operator

Sound Editor
Musical Talent

Robert - Main Character (age 30-50)
Leah - Robert's dying wife (age 30-40)
Lisa - Neuroscientist Assistant
Alex - Neuroscientist
Ann - Public Health Researcher
Young Mother - Mother of reborn Leah
Child - Leah reincarnated (looks age 10)
Nurse - Hospital Staff
Mr. Shaw - Father of newborn child
Mrs. Shaw - Expecting mother

Pre-Production Work

<On Going>

<Apply as Soon as Possible>

Casting Calls
October 1 (Sat.)
October 9 (Sun.)
October 15 (Sat.)

Begin Shooting
29 November

End Shooting

5 December

Post-Production Work

16 January


Director - Diana Riffe

H: 207-0986
C: 991-1975

Producer - Meghann Barrett

H: 247-5543
C: 247-5543

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