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Tucson: Holding Auditions for four UofA Senior films

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Subject: Holding Auditions for four UofA Senior films

Attention Actors:

Four short films will be holding auditions for a variety of comedic and
dramatic roles for men and women of all ages. Casting will take place at the
University of Arizona in the Harvill building room 101 Sunday the 11th of
September from 2-4:30pm and Tuesday the 13th of September from 6-8pm.

All four films are senior capstone projects written, directed, and produced
by Media Arts BFA Seniors. More information on each film below.


RELEASE is about a daughter and mother who have recently lost their
respective father/husband. There home now converted into a bed and
breakfast hosts a strange women who tries to help the mother come to terms
with her grief. A boy enters the daughter's life in turn helping her with
the pain she's under.

I'm looking for three women (30-50's), one girl (16-25), a younger girl
(8-13), a boy (16-25), and a man (30-50). If you cannot make the scheduled
casting times they can feel free to email Jenny at


The birth of a legend is occurring. Not Santa Claus, not the Tooth Fairy,
but THE ON CALL TEDDY BEAR. Is he a man or is he a teddy bear? It's not
important, but it is hilarious. The story shows his fall from grace and his
rise from the ashes. Full of heart, with a mix of smart and silly humor,
"The On-Call Teddy" is a story that anyone who has ever been a child can
relate to.

Available Roles:
Teddy : a man in a bear suit (20-30)
Crystal : a prostitute with a heart of gold (20-30) Kevin : a child, who
hasn?t had an easy go in life (10-12) John : one of Crystal's clients
(30-70) Teddy's parents : they strip away Teddy's childhood (30-40)
Bartender : Serving up drinks for Teddy and Crystal (any age) Mr. Sturtze :
interviews Teddy for an office job (50+) We'll also need a few kids aged
5-11 who will be the kids that Teddy learns to help


Laura is a teaching assistant. She can't help but make fun of her student's
overwritten and incomprehensible essays. Jacob, one of Laura's English 101
students, over uses some especially silly and sexually charged language. The
jokes quickly snowball and Laura is dared to write suggestive comments as
the feedback to Jacob's essay. Laura gets caught up in a dirty email
exchange disguised as suggestions on how Jacob can improve his writing. Soon
she's in over her head realizing that she's actually sort of attracted to
the kid.

TEACHER is a dramatic comedy. It's a story about school, attraction, and
taking risks.

Teacher will require a significant time commitment and involve multiple
rehearsals throughout the month of October. The film will shoot over a 4 day
period the week of November the 8th.

23-26 year old women of all types (playing grad students) 17-20 year old men
of all types (playing college freshmen)
17- 20 year old Indian (of India) men (playing a college freshmen) 17-20
year old women (playing college freshmen)

Please contact Andy Martinez at or (520) 440.8445
for questions or to request a copy of the script.
by Jonathan Pulley

Length: 20 min.
Genre: Drama

Graham, in his mid-twenties, is leaving his hometown for the first time.
His life is fairly normal, but it?s time for him to go. In the process he?s
saying goodbye to his father, Herman, and his best friend, Ethan. The story
takes place over Graham?s last evening with his father and flashes to past
events concerning the relationship Ethan has to his father. Ultimately,
Graham must decide to let matters between his father go unsettled or
confront them before he leaves the next morning.

Graham/Ethan: 24-28
Herman: 45-60
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