Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tucson: U OF A Student Film Needs Locations


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Subject:   U OF A Student Film Needs Locations!!!

Hi Everyone,

This is a call to the community for a UofA Student film that needs
locations! The film INNOCENT CONVICTIONS will be begin shooting
October 13th 2005 and wrap on October 23rd 2005.

We are in need of a 3 bedroomish one floor home in the city of Tucson,
that is available for our production dates.

Here is a description of the location in the script:

Brian's House:

A one floor early 90's type home with somewhat dated decorum and a
muted brownish tone. There is a driveway, that leads to the front door
which opens into the livingroom. To one side of the livingroom there
is a dinette and kitchen, to the other side is a hallway that leads to
the three bedrooms. One bedroom is Brian's which is boyish and neat,
another bedroom is Valerie's which is girly and cute, the other
bedroom is for their mother Beth, the bed is near the door. The house
is on a residential street with other houses.

If you own a home or know of someone whose home resembles the
description please email Jennifer at innocentmovie@gmail.com

If you could send a few pictures, it would be greatly apreciated.
Below are the scheduled dates needed of that locations

October 13th - 5pm-11pm
October 14th - 5pm-11pm
October 16th - 8am-3pm
October 21st - 5pm-11pm - Outdoors Only
October 22nd - 5pm-3am

Anyone who donates the location will be fully reimbursed for the costs
of electricity and water that may be used during production.

Thank you

Jennifer Beatty


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