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Tucson: Open Casting Call - 2 UA Student Films

Please see announcements for 2 casting calls below....

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There will be an open casting call this Saturday 1 October 2005 from 11:15
until 2:45 p.m. being held for a U. of A. student senior film. The auditions
will be held in the Harvill Building room 204 located at 1103 E 2nd St.

This is a short film tentatively entitled ?Vengeance? and is set in a
fantasy world. It is a story about a young girl who witnesses her father
being killed and sets out on a journey to avenge him.

?Vengeance? is tentatively scheduled to be shot during the week of 1
November through 6 November 2005.

The parts we are casting for are :

Caelin: A priestess of Sirannath who betrays her temple for the power to
control the world. Female 20-30

Temple Priestess: A priestess in the beginning of the film (does have
lines)Female 20-40

We also will need actors of all ages to play as extras for : Raiders,
Marauders, Priests, Priestesses, and Inn Patrons.

If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail to .
Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Smith

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Subject: Open Casting Call for Tucson Short Film

University of Arizona, BFA Seniors are currently casting for their Senior
Capstone Film. It will be approximately 15 minutes in length and is titled
"The Garden of Edward". This will be an excellent opportunity to get screen
credit/experience in a short film production, as well as support local, up
and coming Tucson independent filmmakers.

The "Open Casting Call" will be held on Saturday October 1, 2005 from 10
a.m. until 2 p.m. on UofA campus in the Harvill Building, room 102 located
at 1103 E 2nd St., Tucson, Arizona.

We are currently casting for the following roles :
1. Female 30-50 Susan
2. Male 30-50 Peter
3. Male 8-15 Young Edward
4. Female 8-15 Young Alice
5. Male 25-35 Edward
6. Female 25-35 Alice
7. Male 30-60 The Suit
8. Male 25-40 Guard
9. Male 25-40 Convict
10.Male 25-50 Scientist 1
11.Male 25-50 Scientist 2
12.Male 25-50 Scientist 3
13.Male Voice actor

Edward and Alice live in a perfect home in the midst of a world full of
chaos and destruction. The New World Corporation wants to wipe the world
clean of all humans and start over by creating a new and perfect society
using citizens that they have created. Edward is given the key to this
perfect world and must defend it at all costs.

If you have any questioins or are interested in working on set of a local
production, please contact the following:

Butterfly Rose
Casting Director

We appreciate your support and look foward to meeting everyone!
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