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Tucson: Casting Call! U. of A. student senior film.

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There will be an open casting call this Saturday 10 September 2005 from 10
until 3 p.m. being held for a U. of A. student senior film. The auditions
will be held in the Harvill Building room 102 located at 1103 E 2nd St.

This is a short film tentatively entitled "Vengeance" and is set in a
fantasy world. It is a story about a young girl who witnesses her father
being killed and sets out on a journey to avenge him.

?Vengeance? is tentatively scheduled to be shot during the week of 1
November through 6 November 2005.

The parts we are casting for are :

Arienna: A young girl training to become a Ranger. Female 12-16 :

Joran: Arienna?s father. He is a well known Ranger. Male 35-50

Scarred Marauder: leader of the Marauding group that is
responsible for Joran?s death. Male 30ish

Caelin: A priestess of Sirannath who betrays her temple for the
power to control the world. Female 20ish

High Priestess of Sirannath : Female 60-80

Serving Girl at the Inn: Female 16-20

Inn Keeper: Male 40ish

We also will need actors of all ages to play as extras for : Raiders,
Marauders, Priests, Priestesses, and Inn Patrons.

If you have any questions feel free to send an e-mail to .
Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Smith

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