Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tucson: The Gaslight Theater Presents: ELVIS - Aloha From Tucson

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The Gaslight Theater Presents: ELVIS - Aloha From Tucson

NOTE: Tickets Available Wednesday, August 31.

For Ticket Information Telephone
The Gaslight Box Office: 886.9428
All Tickets: $14.95

Do Not Miss This Event!

The Blue Suede King's Tribute: Elvis-Aloha Concert 1973 Ernie Menehunie:
Hawaiian Entertainer Extraordinaire Laura Nava's Tribute: Marilyn Monroe
Sunday Matinee: October 2nd - Doors Open at 11:15 AM - show starts at

Monday Night, October 3rd - Doors Open at 6:15 PM - show starts at 7:00 PM

Place: The Gaslight Theater, Corner of Broadway and Kolb.

Variety Show - Entertainment, Hawaiian-style as our latest Gaslight

installment takes to you to the Romantic Islands. See Legendary Vegas

Performer Ernie Menehunie perform with Hula Chutzpah. Come see the lovely

Miss Marilyn Monroe do her south sea samba. Witness the Blue Suede King's

rockin' amazing tribute to Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii (via

Gaslight/satellite) reenacting vignettes of Elvis' most famous performance.

Remember when entertainment was family-friendly?? You will laugh, thrill,

and maybe get just a little smoke in your eye with Aloha From Tucson.

Videotape the football game!

Book 'em Dan-o - for Gaslight FUN!

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