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Tucson: ATC announces openings for 10 HS students - THE WASSERSTEIN PROJECT

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October 27, 2005

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Arizona Theatre Company continues successful education program in Tucson

I wish to congratulate our group on the miraculous strides we have all taken to find a better appreciation of theater and art. Each dinner that we spend together is a constant and consistent accumulation of ideas, perceptions, realizations, and amusements.

- Breanne Bushu, Student

Breanne Bushu rarely experienced entertainment without a TV or a movie screen. She never realized she could applaud so loudly or learn so much from art. But she did, and so did ten other Tucson students last year. This year ten more Tucson high school students will have the opportunity to experience seven professional productions, under the guidance of local mentor teachers, guest artists and Arizona Theatre Company staff.

The Wasserstein Project is a venture to take high school students to see a variety of professional performing arts events in Phoenix and Tucson. The project is named after playwright Wendy Wasserstein who conducts a similar program in New York City. The students selected for the Project are a true representation of our community, with a diversity of cultures and gender. After attending each performance, the students participate in an active discussion with the Project leaders. The students also keep a journal of the experience. The goal is to glean insights from the young people about what impact the arts has on their lives and to give these students a chance to experience new adventures.

Arizona Theatre Company is looking for ten participants and two alternates from various Tucson high schools that represent the area's diversity. Interested students must submit an application essay that explains who they are, why they would like to participate in The Wasserstein Project and what experience and/or exposure they have had (if any) in professional theatre. Applications must be received by 5:00 PM on Friday, November 4. Essays should be submitted to Education Coordinator Julie Vance:

Arizona Theatre Company
Attn: Julie Vance
PO Box 1634
Tucson, AZ 85702

Fax: (520) 628-9129
Phone: (520) 884-8210 x 8506

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