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Tucson: Audition Technique Course at The Studio for Actors


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Acting & Audition Technique I

at The Studio for Actors

This is the foundation course for learning the important building blocks to great performance.  You’ll learn how to break down the script, how to analyze the character, how to play him/her, and most importantly how to mark the script to give a really great audition.  Throughout the course, you’ll have two or three auditions, and you’ll be given lots of information and insightful advice about how to handle the important few minutes before each audition.  This course is not just about auditioning - it’s also a great acting class.

The course is taught by Anna Risley, who has had many speaking roles in SAG Feature Films along with Movies made for Network Television and Miniseries.  (Most of her films were cast and shot in NYC, some in LA, and a few in Phoenix and Tucson.)  Because of her acting experience, she knows exactly what casting directors want at an audition, and what directors hope for from a performance. 

6 consecutive weeks
Monday nights, starting April 24th *
6:15-8:30pm at The Studio for Actors in Tucson

* This course is continuously ongoing.  Start any Monday evening (you must sign up first by calling).  In 6 consecutive weeks, you'll cover the entire course.

$45/week.  Call Anna Risley at 881-2363 for details and to sign up.

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