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Tucson: Correction: Theatre Summer Workshops for kids all ages

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Summer Workshop

PB&J Creative Arts





Dear Arts Enthusiasts,

         Introducing a new summer program from PB &J Creative Arts!! Our talented team here at PB &J have developed a fantastic curriculum to give budding actors a well rounded introduction and established actors a deeper look into their craft. These workshops are set up to provide an educational, fun, and rewarding experience. Students will learn from real working actors, musicians, agents, casting directors, and film directors, along with our certified PB & J instructors. This is a great way for students to continue their arts education throughout the summer. Included is a brief description of our 3 programs. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail.

 Thank you so much for partnering with us to keep the arts alive and well among our nation’s youth!



                               Monica Rhodes

                               PB&J Summer Program Director






Summer Workshop

PB&J Creative Arts





Elementary School Workshop (June 5-June 16, 9am-3pm)-  (for students grades K-5)

Join the fun!! For the budding actor, this workshop focuses on beginning to intermediate improvisation, scene work, monologues, story dramas, games and a play that students will write and perform.


Middle School Workshop (June 19-July 7, 9am-3pm)-

(for students grades 6-8)

For the artistically inclined youth, this is a perfect workshop to have fun with drama, music, creative writing, camera acting, and  improvisation, just to name a few. 


High School Workshop (July 10-July 28, 9am-3pm)-

(for students entering their freshman, sophomore junior or senior year of High School)

This summer workshop is for the pre-professional actor. Students will focus on movement for actors, voice, scene study, monologues, classical theatre, audition techniques, directing, playwrighting, and film work.




Elementary School Workshop: $160.00/week, 2 week program

Middle School Workshop: $160.00/week, 3 week program

High School Workshop: $160.00/week, 3 week program



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