Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tucson: CAST AND CREW WANTED non-union short film series

Please email HEADSHOT and RESUME to

Independent Media Professionals <> in
association with Trail Dust Town and Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse is looking for
cast and crew for a short film series to be filmed in Tucson on location at
the historic Trail Dust Town and surrounding areas.

The 5 day shoot for the pilot is scheduled for early May with subsequent
"episodes" scheduled for this fall.

Shooting DV with end footage to be presented on Bookman's new Community
Forum, film festivals and DVD sales via the internet.


When a group of men run out of water while transporting young Hispanics
across the desert to be used in the copper mines and as prostitutes, they
decide to bury them in a shallow grave. One boy survives by the kindness of
Cruz, one of the transporters, and is brought to the nearest town for
safety. Now Cruz must keep the boy safe from the men who seek to finish what
was started.

This fast paced period drama is provocative, gritty and has a startling end.

Casting Details:


PAY: Stipend for Pilot. Pay for Series.


SHOOT DATES: 5 days in late April, early May 2006


AUDITION DATE: By appointment only.

CONTACT: Please email HEADSHOT and RESUME to


Mail or drop-off at:

Trail Dust Town

Attn. Jerry Woods, CASTING

6541 E. Tanque Verde Road

Tucson, Arizona 85715

or call 520-296-4551 for information

Character Breakdown:

Cruz: Mexican American. Male. Late 20's. Good looking, charming, educated
with a chip on his shoulder. Spanish accent and must ride a horse well.

CAIN: Caucasian. Male. 30s. Tall, tough as nails brawler. Needs to ride a
horse and stage fight well.

WELLS: Caucasian. Male. 50s. Father type to Cruz. Mastermind behind slave
trade. Well read, well spoken.

THE BOY: Mexican. Around 10 years old. (CAST)

THE RAIDERS: Any ethnicity. 20s-40s. Strong, tough, mean. Most must ride
well and stage fight.

BOY'S MOTHER: Mexican. 20s. Maternal, kind and beautiful.

CASSIDY: Caucasian. 20s. Favored whore of the Silver Dollar Saloon. Good
looking, sexy. The quintessential temptress. Some nudity.

SALOON PATRONS: Caucasian. Males. 20s-60s. Drinkers, gamblers, carousers.

LADIES OF THE SILVER DOLLAR: 20s-30s. The prostitutes of the saloon. No

TOWNSPEOPLE: All ages to play the town's characters. Helpful if you have
your own late 1800s costume.


DP: Please send demo reel or website link to above contact.

1st Assistant Director: Help with scheduling, production management,

SOUND: Please email resume.

MAKE-UP: Mostly beauty, some light FX-characters should be kept dirty and

Squibs will be handled by stunt team.

No experience necessary for below listings, but must be enthusiastic and

WARDROBE: Most wardrobe is already secured. Need someone to help with
fittings and organization during shooting.

CATERING: Please contact us via email.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Please contact us via email.

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