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Tucson: Casting call "Are we Rolling?" (Bigzapfel Independent Films)

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Subject: [Tucson Actors] Casting call "Are we Rolling?" (Bigzapfel
Independent Films)

Production or Project Title: Are we Rolling?
Type: Film Digital and tape
Director Name: Jim Biggers and Emily Unrein

Audition or Casting Contact: Jim or Emily
Company or Theatre: Bigzapfel Independent Films
Address: 9016 e. millett
City, State, Zip: Tucson AZ 85710
Telephone: Jim 419- 3649 Email is best way to contact me because I
often don't have paper and pen to take notes with.

Audition/Casting Details: See additional notes
Date(s) and Time(s): See additional notes
Address :Not set at this time due to the large number of parts.

Location(s) (Filming, Production or Performance): Some of the many
locations are set for instance We will shoot many parts at lakeside
park here in Tucson. Some of the other scenes are just interviews
done at someone's living room.

Preparation (Cold Read and interview)

Payment: See additional notes

Cast Breakdown, Parts or Roles (Gender, Age Range, Physical Type,

Mike: Mike lead character. Over weight and a full time liar. Male
Danny: Danny is a news reporter doing the interviews about Mike.
Female part.
Hillary: Mike's manager. Has one scene in underwear and a robe.
Female part.
Sonar: A blind sound man. Male part.
Herb: Mikes camera man. Very short person. Male or female.
Sarge: Mikes video editor. Older army type person. Male part
Katrina: The Flunky. Has an oral fixation so to say. Female part.
Pizza delivery guy: Delivery guy. Male part.
The dark man: A deep throat type character. Male part.
The shrink: Mikes analyst. Male or female.
School nurse: Mikes school nurse.
Old ice-cream driver: A retired ice-cream driver Mike. Male part.
Lola: A drag queen prostitute. Male part
Music teacher: Mikes ex Music teacher. Male or female part.
Musician: Studio musician. Male part long hair.
Fisherman: Just a fisherman.
Gay pirate: Description says it all.
Elvis impersonator: Description says it all.
Klingon: Description says it all. Male or female.
Vulcan: Description says it all. Male or female.
Bait shop owner: a Blind bait shop owner. Male part.
Fishing kid 1: Description says it all. Male or female
Fishing kid 2: Description says it all. Male or female
Aqua archeologist: Description says it all. Male or female.
Coffee shop clerk: Description says it all. Male or female
German guy 1: Will need to sound German.
German Guy 2: Ditto.
Power utility guy: Description says it all.
Mom1: His real mom
Mom 2: his imaginary mom.
Father: Description says it all.
Sister 1: Description says it all.
Sister 2: Description says it all.
Brother: Description says it all.
5 kids: to tease the younger mike.
Younger Mike: Description says it all.
Roadies: Description says it all.
Neighbors 1- 4: Description says it all. Both male and female.
Neighbors kid: Description says it all. Both male and female.

Rough Outline of Time Commitment (Rehearsal Schedule, Shooting
Schedule, Etc.):We will be doing rehearsals and shooting in the day
time on weekends. See additional notes for more details.

Additional Notes:
We are shooting our next movie soon and are making a casting call.
This is a feature (70 mins. or more in) length comedy. We will be
shooting on weekends only, so if you are interested you will need
most weekends free from our start date through this summer. There
are 7 main characters who will need to be absolutely available and
5 sub characters that will be needed more than one time. And about
35 extras who we can finish up with in 1 to 2 days. There are parts
for children this time so if you have any children that might be
interested take this into advisement. We make these movies just for
fun, not for profit and everyone has a great time. (except for the
times I am pulling out my hair).

No... there is no pay, but just as in my last feature, I usually
pick up the lunch tab. We also need folks to help out in the
production i.e. Camera operators, lighting, props and sound
personnel. Don't worry if you don't know how to do any of this I
have a cookie cutter method and can get you up to speed in minutes.
We will enter this in The Sundance festival as well as other
festivals. Once the movie is done we will have a one time showing
party and you can get a copy of the movie( you need to supply DVD
disk. Note: we can make real DVD's on the full 9gig commercial disks
as well as the 4.5's )

If you are interested .or know someone who is..Please take a card
and call either me or Emily after 5 pm. and before 9 pm. weekdays
Noon to 9pm. Weekends ,then we can fill you in on more details.

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